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J Mays hints at all-new “very cool Mustang” coming in 2014

By - October 1, 2010 – 11:05 am11 Comments | 11,284 views

J Mays talks about the 2014 Mustang

Every Mustang fan out there is hoping that Ford will do something special for the car’s 50th anniversary, but until now the company has kept quiet about what is in the works for 2014. Yesterday at the Paris Auto Show during a question-and-answer session with J Mays, Ford’s Group Vice President of Global Design and Chief Creative Officer gave out some interesting new details regarding the next generation Mustang. Mays stated that the 2014 Mustang won’t be “an evolution of the 2005, 2010 cars” and that “approaching 2013 you’ll see a very cool Mustang.”

You can read what J Mays said about the 2014 Mustang below, or view the video for yourself (skip to 2:42 and 3:45).

On whether we will see more “Kinetic” style cars in the future:

“Mustang is an icon in itself. We will also only have a Mustang design language. As we approach what is a very exciting time – 2014 – the 50th anniversary of the Mustang, you can feel the weight on the design team’s shoulders that we get this thing right. It’s going to be a very exciting car, but have very little to do with Kinetic.”

On the future of the exterior design of the Mustang:

“Approaching 50 years of Mustang – how exciting is that? The ‘64 1/2, ‘65 – that was the absolute greatest Mustang, which was the original. ’66 and ’67, those were great. Everything was on track up until about 1969 with Mustang. We went through some bleak years with Mustang, but everybody hung on because it was a fantastic nameplate. We got the car back up on the tracks, I like to say, in 2005, and that was a big hit because we created a nice balance between retro cues and modern styling. 2010 drove that message home even more. But now we can’t simply do an evolution of the 2005, 2010 cars.

With 2014 approaching we have got to take a jump forward. We can’t lose the Mustang DNA, which is really important, but we’ve got to signal that Mustang has got another 50 years of life left in it. In order to do that we are going to have take a bit more of a stretch with the car, bring all of our Mustang faithful along with us, and I would be lying to you to say that it’s not a daunting challenge, but the good news is that we’ve got a design team that’s up for the challenge and we’re on it. So stay tuned, and approaching 2013 you’ll see a very cool Mustang.”


  • BOWTIB8 says:

    They say the best place to hide someting is in plain sight. Could the illustration of the torch-red stang behind J Mays in ths article be a preview of the 50th? Hmmmm.

  • Shovelhead says:

    Independent rear suspension?
    twin turbo V6?
    dual clutch?

  • Charles Jackson says:

    I hope it is not smaller or like the Mustang.ll!

    When he said Mustang started down in 1969 he is a little off cue!

    While the 1965 to 1968 are great cars, Ford didnt have much competition until 1967 with the advent of Camaro and Firebird thus lower sales!Not because of the car, its the Mustang 11 that really started going down, they were good sellers though!

    I think Ford needs to stay on the evolution track and not take a chance of complete redo!

  • Ted Linn says:

    The car behind him is the 2003 show car from which the 2005 came.

  • BOWTIB8 says:

    Good eye Tim, thanks!

  • paul says:


  • Ricardo says:

    Really looking forward for the 2014 50th anniversary. I hope an Independent Rear Suspension is going to make it into the Mustang.

  • Stealth V8 says:

    This is my wish list for the 2014 New Mustangs: For the V6, I would like to see a twin turbo with 365+ hp with 31 to 35mpg…For the New 5.0 V8, I would like to see a natural 450+ hp engine with 27 to 31+ mpg and For Shelby I would to see an all alum. 6.0 with twin turbo 600+ hp with 25 to 30+ mpg…Now for the New 2014 Body, I would like to see a new AERO/MUSTANG Design that would produce better air flow around & under the body, a lighter weight body that will help towards better mpg, a front end that flows air into the engine compartment & out to keep it cooler, I would like to see Hid headlamps as standard that turn with the steering wheel, Fog/Driving Lamps that are adj in brightness and built-in brake functional air ducts in front and sides for rear brakes, LED front running lamps & LED sequential rear taillamps and LED rear Brake light that blinks to solid red based on brake petal presure for rear end safety….Well FORD I hope you read this and consider some of my ideals……Stealth V8

  • Boss351Lady says:

    Can’t wait to see the new Mustang!

    I have a 71 Boss 351 that I am restoring with my son.
    I know not alot of people liked the 71-73 body style,
    but it had its appealing features.
    So far the newer Mustangs have followed the body styles
    of the 64 1/2 to the 70. So would the next logical step
    be the 71-73 look-alike.
    Or I’d like to think so!

  • Charles Breau says:

    It would be nice to see a mustang with a style more like the 1969 Shelby with those big long tail lights. Man those where the days. Just to bad us knew generation can’t be a part of that. The knew mustang now is prety close if they could change the rear end ugliest look of it, we’d be in the right direction.

  • tom gorman says:

    I think you are on the right track//Saw some news about the 2015 mustang-looks like a family car by ford..horrible!!Ford needs to look to your ideas,because i think 2015 concepts suck..

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