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How to build your own FR500CJ Cobra Jet Mustang

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2010 FR500CJ Cobra Jet Mustang

Ford Racing’s FR500CJ Cobra Jet has proven itself a worthy competitor on track, winning races since its debut in 2008. An updated Cobra Jet arrived in 2010 with the new body style, and yet another revision is set to come in 2012. That’s great for fans of the Mustang, but there’s a problem for anyone interested in getting their hands on one. Ford Racing builds just 50 Cobra Jets per year at a price tag much higher than most Mustang enthusiasts can afford. The 2012 Cobra jet starts at $91,900 and can exceed the six figure mark with options.

Fortunately Ford Racing offers just about every part on the car for individual sale, allowing Mustang owners to build their very own Cobra Jet Mustang to the exact specifications or a custom race car using a mix of parts. We have put together a complete list of parts (as complete as we could find) of every part on the 2010 Cobra Jet Mustang, from major components like the body in white and supercharged 5.4L V8 to the smaller items like the hood pin kit and the Cobra Jet grille emblem. The total sum of the parts? Just over $66,000. Check out the full list below:

Cobra Jet painted body in white - M-607100-CJ Cobra Jet painted body in white
Part #: M-607100-CJ
Description: Serialized body finished in primer and no sound deadening. Includes standard Mustang hood, decklid, doors, engine cradle, front control arms, steering knuckle assembly and crossmembers for radiator and transmission.
Price: $3,995.00
2010 Mustang exterior kit - M-2010-EXTMGTA 2010 Mustang exterior kit
Part #: M-2010-EXTMGTA
Description: Includes front and rear fascia/bumpers, grille, all glass with weather strips, headlights and taillights, rocker panels, door handles and related hardware.
Price: $999.95
2010 Mustang interior kit - M-2010-INTMGTA 2010 Mustang interior kit
Part #: M-2010-INTMGTA
Description: Includes door panels and latches, headliner, steering assembly with wheel, instrument panel, console, A/B/C pillar trim, carpet with door sill scuff plates, related hardware, fasteners and brackets.
Price: $1,629.95
2010 Mustang seat kit - M-2010-SEATMGTA 2010 Mustang seat kit
Part #: M-2010-SEATMGTA
Description: Includes two front seat bottoms, two front seat backs with “Cobra Jet” embroidered head rests, one rear seat bottom
Price: $1,225.00
10 point chromoly roll cage kit - M-2010-CAGEMGTA 10 point chromoly roll cage kit
Part #: M-2010-CAGEMGTA
Description: A chromoly 10-point roll cage that comes as standard equipment on the 2010 Cobra Jet.
Price: $1,685.00
2010 Cobra Jet Fiberglass Hood M-16612-CJ 2010 Cobra Jet fiberglass hood
Part #: M-16612-CJ
Description: Extra wide 4-inch cowl induction hood that allows clearance for intake tube, supercharger and front pulley. Bolts to the stock hinges, and pins are required to secure the hood.
Price: $590.00
2010 Cobra Jet graphics upgrade - M-162001-CJOPT10 2010 Cobra Jet graphics upgrade
Part #: M-162001-CJOPT10
Description: The upgraded graphics kit for the 2010 Cobra Jet that includes “Powered by Ford” fender emblems, sweeping snake side graphics, 5.4 Cobra Jet hood graphics, windshield header decal, Ford oval front fascia decals, Ford oval license plate decal and FR500CJ decklid decal.
Price: $1,999.00
2010 Super Cobra Jet 5.4L V8 - M-6007-CJ10 2010 Super Cobra Jet 5.4L V8
Part #: M-6007-SCJ
Description: The optional Cobra Jet engine upgrade rated at 475 horsepower. Main features include the Ford Racing 4.0L supercharger with 4″ pulley, Mahle forged pistons, single blade throttle body, and 80 lb/hr injectors.
Price: $28,625
2010 Cobra Jet battery tray - M-010-CJ10 2010 Cobra Jet battery tray
Part #: M-010-CJ10
Description: Designed to mount a 9.5″ x 6.75″ x 6.75″ automotive battery in the trunk. Black powdercoated with stainless steel construction and built to NHRA requirements.
Price: $75.00
2010 Cobra Jet front wheel - M-1007-CJ10F 2010 Cobra Jet front wheel
Part #: M-1007-CJ10F
Description: 15″ x 3.5″ wheel with 2.25″ backspacing. Includes machined snake and Cobra Jet logo in wheel spoke
Price: $829.00
2010 Cobra Jet rear wheel - M-1007-CJR10 2010 Cobra Jet rear wheel
Part #: M-1007-CJ10R10
Description: 15″ x 10″ wheel with 6″ backspacing.
Price: $699.00
2010 Cobra Jet master brake cylinder - M-2005-CJ10 2010 Cobra Jet master brake cylinder
Part #: M-2005-CJ10
Description: Manual brake master cylinder used with Strange Engineering brakes. Includes aluminum mounting block, manual brake master cylinder and brake fluid reservoir.
Price: $589.00
Manual steering rack - M-3200-CJ10 Manual steering rack
Part #: M-3200-CJ10
Description: Manual steering rack that reduces weight by 10-15 pounds by eliminating hoses, pulleys and pumps.
Price: $659.00
Cobra Jet 9-inch rear end - M-4001-CJ Cobra Jet 9-inch rear end
Part #: M-4001-CJ
Description: Competition proven 9-inch rear end with narrowed axle housing, Strange Pro Race axles, Strange Pro ring and pinion set with 4.10 gears, Strange lightweight spool and forged aluminum pinion support.
Price: $2,699.00
Cobra Jet panhard bar - M-4264-B Cobra Jet panhard bar
Part #: M-4264-B
Description: Chrome Moly panhard bar with threaded rod ends that allow for side to side alignment of rear suspension.
Price: $259.00
Cobra Jet driveshaft - M-4602-CJ Cobra Jet driveshaft
Part #: M-4602-CJ
Description: One piece driveshaft with integrated slip yoke. Works with Tremec TR6060 transmission and M-4001-CJ rear end.
Price: $692.00
Cobra Jet radiator support - M-5019-A Cobra Jet radiator support
Part #: M-5019-A
Description: Replaces front anti-roll bar for a weight savings of 11 lbs. Includes radiator isolators.
Price: $195.00
2010 Cobra Jet lowering spring kit - M-5300-R 2010 Cobra Jet lowering spring kit
Part #: M-5300-R
Description: Front and rear springs standard on the 2010 Cobra Jet. Lowers the car 1.9″ in the front and 2.5″ in the rear.
Price: $249.95
Cobra Jet driveshaft safety loop - M-5478-CJ Cobra Jet driveshaft safety loop
Part #: M-5478-CJ
Description: Contains driveshaft in the event of a U-joint breakage. Meets most drag racing sanctioning body requirements.
Price: $139.00
2010 Cobra Jet rear suspension kit - M-5649-CJ 2010 Cobra Jet rear suspension kit
Part #: M-5649-CJ10
Description: Includes adjustable upper control arm and bracket, tubular lower control arms with urethane bushings, anti-roll bar with adjustable links.
Price: $1,519.00
2010 Cobra Jet grille - M-5767-CJ10 2010 Cobra Jet grille
Part #: M-5767-CJ10
Description: Constructed of black ABS material with CJ white grille surround. Frame modified to work with 2010 Cobra Jet cowl hood and does not work with the stock 2010 Mustang hood.
Price: $369.95
2010 Cobra Jet control pack - M-6017-CJ10 2010 Cobra Jet control pack
Part #: M-6017-CJ10
Description: Takes the complexity out of wiring the Cobra Jet’s 5.4L supercharged V8. Includes speed sensor jumper harness, control pack harness, camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, engine control module and power distribution module with mounting brackets.
Price: $1,549.00
No Image Available 2010 Cobra Jet wiring system
Part #: M-6018-CJ10
Description: Takes the complexity out of wiring the 5.4L supercharged engine. Includes switch panel assembly and start button assembly, forward lamp harness, body harness and battery harness with cut-off switch.
Price: $3,019.00
Cobra Jet solid motor mount kit - M-6038-CJ Cobra Jet solid motor mount kit
Part #: M-6038-A
Description: Engine support brackets for the supercharged 5.4L V8. Comes with steel, chassis side non-isolated mounts.
Price: $315.00
2008 Cobra Jet transmission - M-7003-CJ Cobra Jet TR6060 6-speed transmission
Part #: M-7003-CJ
Description: TR6060 6-speed transmission with integral SFI steel bellhousing. Assembled by Liberty Gears.
Price: $3,795.00
2010 Cobra Jet supercharger intercooler kit - M-8080-CJ10 2010 Cobra Jet supercharger intercooler kit
Part #: M-8080-CJ10
Description: Low temperature radiator with electric fan, Cobra Jet aluminum intercooler tank, intercooler pump bracket, intercooler hose and assembly and installation hardware.
Price: $1,500.00
Cobra Jet long tube race headers - M-9430-CJ Cobra Jet long tube race headers
Part #: M-9430-CJ
Description: Constructed of 304 stainless steel. 1 7/8″ primary tubes and 3/8″ one-piece laser cut flanges. Turn downs and stainless steel band clamps included.
Price: $1,099.00
Cobra Jet EGR block off plate - M-9Y456-CJ Cobra Jet EGR block off plate
Part #: M-9Y456-CJ
Description: Used to eliminate the EGR on the supercharged 5.4L V8.
Price: $34.95
2010 Super Cobra Jet air inlet - M-9R504-SCJ M-9R504-SCJ – 2010 Super Cobra Jet air inlet tube
Part #: M-9R504-SCJ
Description: Improved air inlet design designed to work with the Super Cobra Jet 5.4L v8 with the 4.0L supercharger.
Price: $469.95
Super Cobra Jet MAF housing - M-9600-CJ Super Cobra Jet 140MM MAF housing
Part #: M-9600-SCJ
Description: Constructed from CNC machined billet aluminum. Includes the housing and the mounting tab. Proven to support over 1100 horsepower.
Price: $635.00
2010 Cobra Jet faux gas cap - M-16098-CJ10 2010 Cobra Jet faux gas cap
Part #: M-16098-CJ10
Description: Features the 2010 Cobra Jet snake logo. Installed with two-way tape.
Price: $100.00
Cobra Jet grille emblem - M-16098-CJG Cobra Jet grille emblem
Part #: M-16098-CJG
Description: Laser cut metal snake with flames painted red, white and blue. Complete with two studs for mounting.
Price: $66.95
Cobra Jet hood pin kit M-16700-S Cobra Jet hood pin kit
Part #: M-16700-S
Description: Secures the Cobra Jet cowl induction hood. Includes one pair of plated hood pins with two piece clasps.
Price: $54.95
Cobra Jet front tie down kit - M-17000-CJ10F Cobra Jet front tie down kit
Part #: M-17000-CJ10F
Description: Laser cut steel bracket that can be welded to the k-member. Serves as a mounting point and front tie-down attachment point.
Price: $47.95
Cobra Jet rear tie down kit - M-17000-CJR Cobra Jet rear tie down kit
Part #: M-17000-CJ10R
Description: Includes two laser cut steel brackets and mounting bolts. Attaches to the Cobra Jet rear suspension for rear tie-down points.
Price: $64.95
Super Cobra Jet 5" tachometer w/ shift light - M-17360-SCJ Super Cobra Jet 5″ tachometer w/ shift light
Part #: M-17360-SCJ
Description: 5-inch tachometer standard on the 2010 Cobra Jet. Includes through-the-dial LED  lighting, adjustable shift light and Cobra Jet logo.
Price: $371.99
2010 Cobra Jet mirror blockoff plate - M-17728-CJ10 2010 Cobra Jet mirror blockoff plate
Part #: M-17728-CJ10
Description: Designed to fill the void when removing side mirrors for race car applications.
Price: $165.00
2010 Cobra Jet Damper Kit - M-18000-CJ 2010 Cobra Jet damper kit
Part #: M-18000-CJ
Description: FRPP drag race valving with adjustable settings for compression/rebound. Designed to work with the Cobra Jet springs.
Price: $985.00
Cobra Jet A/C delete - M-19216-CJ Cobra Jet A/C delete
Part #: M-19216-CJ
Description: Used to delete the A/C compressor. Shorter than stock belt required.
Price: $162.95
Cobra Jet ballast box - M-40115-CJ10 Cobra Jet ballast box
Part #: M-40115-CJ10
Description: Trunk-mounted weight ballast box. Made from heavy-duty black powdercoated steel with a bolt-down top. Trunk floor installation bolts included. Meets NHRA requirements.
Price: $399.00
Cobra Jet trunk latch and lock kit - M-6343282-CJ10 Cobra Jet trunk latch and lock kit
Part #: M-6343282-CJ10
Description: Includes trunk lock cylinder assembly, lock key, modified trunk latch, latch to lock cable and installation instruction.
Price: $119.00

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