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2011 Shelby GT350 trounces Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 in Road and Track comparison test

By - March 21, 2011 – 7:21 am5 Comments | 3,284 views

2011 Shelby GT350

The latest comparison test to involve the Mustang puts the 2011 Shelby GT350 head-to-head with the 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392. Road & Track, who conducted the comparison, originally was going to use a standard Mustang GT, but thought that the contrasting stripes of each car was too appealing to pass up. The stats of each car do make for a fairly lopsided test, though. The Shelby’s as-tested price tag is nearly twice as much ($82,658 to the Challenger’s $44,380), and the optional supercharger gives it much more horsepower (624 compared to 470) and more torque (540 compared to 470). The Shelby also weighs 400 pounds less than the Dodge.

Thankfully the Shelby easily outperformed the Challenger, posting up impressive numbers: 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds, the 1/4 mile in 12.4 sec @ 116.7 mph, and .99g of lateral acceleration. Here’s what Road & Track said about the 2011 GT350:

Our test car, equipped with a proper 6-speed manual and short-throw shifter, will run circles around the soft-by-comparison GT500, and maybe even beat it down the quarter. It easily bests the Challenger 392…it wasn’t even a fair fight. The only thing the Shelby has going against it is price. The total price of this GT350 is over $80,000. That’s a lot, especially when you consider the cost of a 2010 Dodge Viper, a fact we tried not to focus on as we roared around Las Vegas. Did I mention that it’s loud? The Borla center-exit exhaust sounds great at the track, but there’s no getting away from it on the open road where a mute button would be appreciated. Still, the throaty exhaust is exactly what you want when you have a hankering to scare your passenger or chase down a Corvette. Elfalan summed up the GT350 well, saying: “The suspension feels dialed in, balanced front to rear with most of the stock Mustang squish removed. The body still moves around a lot, perhaps a factor of the solid rear axle, but turn-in is quick with good feel and response is crisp from the front end despite the electric-assist steering rack.” The Shelby is the racier of the two and it has the exhaust burble to let everyone know it.

You can watch a video of Road & Track‘s comparison test between the 2011 Shelby GT350 and the 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 below:

[Source: Road & Track]

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  • Ed says:

    Again, what a silly match. I swear whoever works at some of these magazine has to be huge Ford fans. I know at the end you admitted that the shelby cost close to double of the srt8 392, but come on. It should of been the 5.0 mustang with the weight disadvantage. My point is I want to see apples vs. apples. Not compare cars because they both have stripes.

  • shane says:

    So you want a mustang gt against a top of the line Challenger? Come on man. That’s not apples for apples. Maybe in performance wise. Its kinda sad the Challenger looks so awesome and yet that’s all it really has going for it.

  • Brock says:

    I agree a gt 350 and stock challenger is like the same gt350 and a viper acr. Where is that race

  • rob hartford says:

    what a stuipid comparison is all i can say and the big head line mustang stomps dodge well i guess 200 more horse power and a wieght advantage how miss leading compare cars that are compareable super charger with super charger turbo with turbo your magizine does these wierd comparison all the time which is why i do not buy it any more

  • James Miller says:

    Uhh…anyone else notice the video says the Challenger adds 90 FT/LBS of Torque with the 6.4L 392 engine? It only adds 50 FT/ LBS of Torque. It was 420 with the 6.1L and now is 470 with the 6.4L – so only adding 50 NOT 90. And the video says the Mustang has 525HP yet the article in print says the Mustang has 624HP.

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