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How one lucky Mustang enthusiast bought Boss 302 #0001

By - April 19, 2011 – 6:49 am32 Comments | 79,806 views

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 #0001

Low production numbers are always more desirable when it comes to collector cars. Auctions like Barrett-Jackson are evidence of this, where the first production version of a car can go for two, three or four times what a similar car with a high production number will sell for. For a car like the 2012 Mustang Boss 302, which is certainly destined to be a collector’s item, #0001 could potentially be extremely valuable.

It would be natural to assume that the first production Boss 302, designated by the number on the strut tower brace in the engine bay, would have already been spoken for by a Ford executive or some celebrity collector. If anything, we’d expect that a dealership would try and sell the car with an outrageous price tag. Those assumptions would be wrong. In fact, Boss 302 #0001 sat in a Texas showroom for sale by a dealer who didn’t even know what they had on their hands. They offered the car for $5,000 over sticker, less than what many dealers are charging for Boss 302s around the country. One lucky man, Shane McGlaun, now owns the car and was kind enough to share the story of how he happened to buy Boss 302 #001.

MD: When did you decide that you wanted to buy a 2012 Mustang Boss 302?

SM: I knew the second I heard about the boss 302 I wanted one. I didn’t think I could make the deal though since my 2010 Mustang was only a year old, but I got a good deal on it and a low interest rate and the trade was right at payoff so it all worked out. I always liked the 69-70 mach ones and boss cars, especially in orange so it was a no brainer for me.

MD: Did you have a 2012 Boss 302 on order?

SM: I have a 2012 Boss 302 in competition orange with the Recaro seat and torsen diff option on order with Jordan Ford in San Antonio with a build date set for Q4. I am NOT a patient man, and to get a good amount on my trade I needed to turn my 2010 Mustang GT in soon meaning that all of car show season, track season, and autocross season I would be without a mustang. It was killing me. I was on dealer sites every day looking at GT500s and crazy-priced Boss 302s and thinking how I would never make it until Q4 with no Mustang.

MD: So how did you happen to get Boss 302 #0001?

SM: I had called this dealer, Prestige Ford in Garland Texas, about a month ago and talked with the salesman that I had bought my wife’s 2010 Ford Edge and my 2010 Mustang GT from. He didn’t know what was going on with the boss allocation for the dealer. He was going to call me back and tell me what he found out and never called back. I assumed that the reason he didn’t call was that they were not getting any Boss cars. I got a call Friday from another person at the dealer to ask me if I had bought an 2011 Mustang GT, and I told her no I wanted a 2012 Boss 302. She then tells me, “oh really we have one here.”

At first I didn’t think much of it, but then she tells me that it’s the same exact car I had on order. I asked about price, she said $5k over MSRP. I refused and said I wanted it at sticker and she said she would call me back later that day and I didn’t hear back. Again assuming that meant they weren’t interested, I called Saturday and got nowhere. I called back today finally hammered out a deal and had to pay a mark up on the car, but much, much less than that. I paid $1,500 over sticker. I admit after buying two cars from the dealer in the last year I was not happy that they weren’t letting me have the car at sticker. I agreed to buy it anyway, sight unseen, knowing I would never last until Q4 and would end up settling for another Mustang that I really didn’t want if I didn’t take this car.

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 #0001

MD: When did you actually realize that it was #0001?

SM: I drove up with my 6-year-old (which was an adventure in itself), and they had the paperwork ready to go. The sales man and I walked outside and he started telling me about the car (which I already knew all about) and then we started to go back in and sign paperwork. I stopped and went back and popped the hood just to see what number the car was. Opened it up and it was #0001. I just stood there for a minute and said, “dude this is the first Boss 302 off the line.” He said yea, just for this color. I was a bit excited at that point with thoughts of ADMs out of my mind and said, “no man this is the first 2012 boss ford built.” He just sort of shook his head and we went in and signed the paper work and I drove off. I really don’t think they had any idea this car was special in any way.

MD: Are you going to drive the car or try and preserve the value by keeping miles off of it?

SM: In all honesty I feel bad about using such a special car to drive my kids around and do all the things you do in a daily driver. Not bad enough to park it in a garage and leave it, though! This car will be used, unless some rich dude wants to buy me a new boss 302 just like it and pay of the loan on this one! That’s the only way this car will become a garage queen.

MD: Would you consider selling #0001 to a collector and buying another Boss 302?

SM: I would sell it to a collector for a boss just like it and payoff on my current loan I just took out 🙂

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