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How one lucky Mustang enthusiast bought Boss 302 #0001

By - April 19, 2011 – 6:49 am32 Comments | 76,890 views

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 #0001

Low production numbers are always more desirable when it comes to collector cars. Auctions like Barrett-Jackson are evidence of this, where the first production version of a car can go for two, three or four times what a similar car with a high production number will sell for. For a car like the 2012 Mustang Boss 302, which is certainly destined to be a collector’s item, #0001 could potentially be extremely valuable.

It would be natural to assume that the first production Boss 302, designated by the number on the strut tower brace in the engine bay, would have already been spoken for by a Ford executive or some celebrity collector. If anything, we’d expect that a dealership would try and sell the car with an outrageous price tag. Those assumptions would be wrong. In fact, Boss 302 #0001 sat in a Texas showroom for sale by a dealer who didn’t even know what they had on their hands. They offered the car for $5,000 over sticker, less than what many dealers are charging for Boss 302s around the country. One lucky man, Shane McGlaun, now owns the car and was kind enough to share the story of how he happened to buy Boss 302 #001.

MD: When did you decide that you wanted to buy a 2012 Mustang Boss 302?

SM: I knew the second I heard about the boss 302 I wanted one. I didn’t think I could make the deal though since my 2010 Mustang was only a year old, but I got a good deal on it and a low interest rate and the trade was right at payoff so it all worked out. I always liked the 69-70 mach ones and boss cars, especially in orange so it was a no brainer for me.

MD: Did you have a 2012 Boss 302 on order?

SM: I have a 2012 Boss 302 in competition orange with the Recaro seat and torsen diff option on order with Jordan Ford in San Antonio with a build date set for Q4. I am NOT a patient man, and to get a good amount on my trade I needed to turn my 2010 Mustang GT in soon meaning that all of car show season, track season, and autocross season I would be without a mustang. It was killing me. I was on dealer sites every day looking at GT500s and crazy-priced Boss 302s and thinking how I would never make it until Q4 with no Mustang.

MD: So how did you happen to get Boss 302 #0001?

SM: I had called this dealer, Prestige Ford in Garland Texas, about a month ago and talked with the salesman that I had bought my wife’s 2010 Ford Edge and my 2010 Mustang GT from. He didn’t know what was going on with the boss allocation for the dealer. He was going to call me back and tell me what he found out and never called back. I assumed that the reason he didn’t call was that they were not getting any Boss cars. I got a call Friday from another person at the dealer to ask me if I had bought an 2011 Mustang GT, and I told her no I wanted a 2012 Boss 302. She then tells me, “oh really we have one here.”

At first I didn’t think much of it, but then she tells me that it’s the same exact car I had on order. I asked about price, she said $5k over MSRP. I refused and said I wanted it at sticker and she said she would call me back later that day and I didn’t hear back. Again assuming that meant they weren’t interested, I called Saturday and got nowhere. I called back today finally hammered out a deal and had to pay a mark up on the car, but much, much less than that. I paid $1,500 over sticker. I admit after buying two cars from the dealer in the last year I was not happy that they weren’t letting me have the car at sticker. I agreed to buy it anyway, sight unseen, knowing I would never last until Q4 and would end up settling for another Mustang that I really didn’t want if I didn’t take this car.

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 #0001

MD: When did you actually realize that it was #0001?

SM: I drove up with my 6-year-old (which was an adventure in itself), and they had the paperwork ready to go. The sales man and I walked outside and he started telling me about the car (which I already knew all about) and then we started to go back in and sign paperwork. I stopped and went back and popped the hood just to see what number the car was. Opened it up and it was #0001. I just stood there for a minute and said, “dude this is the first Boss 302 off the line.” He said yea, just for this color. I was a bit excited at that point with thoughts of ADMs out of my mind and said, “no man this is the first 2012 boss ford built.” He just sort of shook his head and we went in and signed the paper work and I drove off. I really don’t think they had any idea this car was special in any way.

MD: Are you going to drive the car or try and preserve the value by keeping miles off of it?

SM: In all honesty I feel bad about using such a special car to drive my kids around and do all the things you do in a daily driver. Not bad enough to park it in a garage and leave it, though! This car will be used, unless some rich dude wants to buy me a new boss 302 just like it and pay of the loan on this one! That’s the only way this car will become a garage queen.

MD: Would you consider selling #0001 to a collector and buying another Boss 302?

SM: I would sell it to a collector for a boss just like it and payoff on my current loan I just took out :)


  • nicolas. says:

    Nice car,
    This car is like a myth in brazil because is so expensive that only the rich can bought one. :)

  • tlkgt76 says:

    Sweet! I love that this car will be enjoyed and not parked somewhere! That’s what our stangs are built for, the drive.

  • Saracen says:

    I would line this up for the next Barrett-Jackson auction in a heartbeat if I were the owner.

  • KPSVO says:

    Might as well drive it now. For it to be really worth it to a serious collector it should have never even been dealer prepped. He is now driving it around with young children in the car? I wonder how many stains it has by now…

    It should have been bought by a collector. There will be enough built, and raced, and totalled out, in the years to come. There is only one “Number 0001″. What a waste IMO.

  • Tech says:

    Agree with the owner, a fair trade would be another 2012 Boss plus pay off his loan. That’s about $85k, and you would expect it to go for just north of $100k at auction on a good day…

  • KB says:

    Seems like he is ok with letting it go. If thats the case deff put it up for aution. The question is when to do it, now? a year from now? a few years from now?

    You sir are one lucky SOB congrats!!!

  • Brad says:

    That is pretty cool. I say drive it and enjoy.

  • Remford says:

    What a terrific story – if only to show how, on SO many levels, those who derive their profit and livelihoods are often the LEAST aware, LEAST expert and even less-interested about the brand they’re entrusted (and have pledged) to represent within the territories in which each dealer enjoys an exclusive monopoly.

    Congratulations on PN 0001. The REAL question is whether it stays in the garage – or goes on eBay where he could then fund any other 302 of his choosing ANY pay-off his Edge.

    Now that Ford has done the heavy lifting by betting the whole of itself on its own future to obtain the capital it reinvested to develop the terrific products it’s now bringing to market, it will hopefully begin exercising some discipline and standards upon those who comprise the Ford brand in the real world.

  • ShaneM says:

    KPSVO – You are so wrong on so many levels, shoot me your email and I will forward you the first video of me doing 140 at the track in #0001 driving it like it was meant to be driven.

  • ShaneO says:

    I think it’s pretty awesome that it’s in the hands of someone who loves them and is gonna drive it like it was meant to be driven. I’m sure it’ll be a trailer queen someday, but for now it needs to be driven and appreciated before it’s put away. I would probably have a hard time selling it if I owned it, but six figures would help loosen my grip :)

  • David M says:

    I am SO envious! What a great story. I would have fainted when I opened the hood. To have the whole deal done and then realize you have #00001! I hope he drives it. It will still be #00001 when it has some miles on it, and the fact that this car is on the road, from a dealership in Texas says to me that Ford at least has a sense of humor and isn’t just concerned about keeping rich collectors happy. This car could easily have gone to Barrett Jackson and been sold for some multiple of sticker. So cool that it was actually a dickered price.

  • Corey P says:

    @ ShaneM- Right on. Take care of the car but drive it like it’s meant to be driven!

  • Marco says:

    Man. When did you buy it? I go to Prestige Ford every day to pick up parts for another Ford dealer. I probably saw this car and never knew it was number 0001. Congrats on the great find. I bet it feels like you won the lottery.

    P.S. Let me drive it?

    J/K… Unless the answer is “Yes”.

  • jonathan says:

    After lifting the hood I would have said nothing until the paper was signed!

  • KPSVO says:

    Shane, I guess it just depends on a person’s perspective. Since it’s your primary vehicle I fully understand it is going to be driven so that is a non-issue. I also understand you’re probably all pumped up from the literal thousands of accolades you’ve received since this has been made public. Instead of just emailing me your video of you on the track doing 140MPH why not post it on the internet for the whole world to see?

    I’m sure it will make the rounds of all the Mustang websites just like this story. Just don’t wait too long as your 15 minutes is running out.

    Have a nice day… :)

  • ShaneM says:

    lol, I didnt want any fame KPSVO its all good. I just wanted a Boss, I sort of wish it was just any old number TBH. I never expected all of this for sure.

  • Ryan W. says:

    Shane, you’ve got the right idea! Mustangs are meant to drive hard and still be able to take the abuse of daily driving, that’s what makes it a Mustang. I hope you find someone who’ll trade you and cover the loan!

  • CRMiller says:

    Shane, cool story! I actually own Boss #0002. I ordered my car the day the dealer got the allocation and when it arrived I found out I got #2. Anyway, I would be interested in buying your #1 car to add to my collection and can replace your car with the exact car with a later production # obviously but none the less the same car. Let me know if you’re interested in selling. Thanks

  • Shane…Big Congrats!!

    That’s a great story…and nice to see that the general public (and a Mustang Enthusiast) has a shot at something unique like this from time to time.

    Now you just need to become a SmokinStangs.com member, so we can keep tabs of Boss 302 #0001, and it’s new found owner.

    Hope you can join us other Mustang Junkies & Mustang Enthusiasts!!

  • ragtopjr says:

    I totally disagree with KPSVO on this one.
    I think exactly the right person got the car that should have gotten the car.
    A true Enthusiast, someone who will have fun with the car and do with it what it was designed for….
    By that I mean DRIVE IT, and Have FUN with it!
    Collectors and Car Auctions like Barrets are destroying the car culture for the normal person.
    It has gotten to the point where a normal person cannot afford to buy any kind of an old Muscle Car unless they sell their home to be able to afford it(that said they now have to live in the car or a box), and what are the chances of those father/Son/Daughter builds unless they are quite wealthy and can afford to spend 10 to 15 grand to buy a car to even start with?

    My congrats on getting # 1 I hope you do keep it, and enjoy it the way you should!

  • David N. says:

    Drive it like you stole it! Which I think you did. Congrats

  • KPSVO says:

    Shane M,

    Well it’s good to see that you’ve come to your senses and put #001 on EBay. You can consider this a free bump so maybe more people will bid on your auction for it.

    Congratulations. Just to recap:

    “It should have been bought by a collector. There will be enough built, and raced, and totalled out, in the years to come. There is only one “Number 0001″. What a waste IMO.”

    You’ve made the right choice.

  • abracobabra says:

    People get better at what they do thru repetition. I would think the first of any car rolling off the line would have more problems than the rest.

  • Vince says:


    Shut up. Please, for the love of God, shut up. Your sanctimonious, holier-than-thou bullshit attitude is EXACTLY what is wrong with car culture today. I would ask that you stop acting like you know everything and respect a man’s decision without sitting in your little corner of the internet and whining in a passive-aggressive manner when things don’t go exactly how you believe they should.

    Otherwise, have a nice day.

  • Ron says:

    Congrats man for getting 0001.
    When I heard of the Boss I wanted one, but the real estate in CA was real low and invested in a new house. Was out of funds. Now, I am really interested in getting one mustang boss and trying to save more.
    Any idea in 2013 or so, more Bosses will be produced.
    Today, I am planning on going to a dealer for mustang boss, and I am ready to give MSRP. Lets see what happens.

  • Ron says:

    What I heard so far, was total 4000 Bosses will be produced out of which 750 will be Laguna Secas.
    Off of 3250, 1 boss would be allocated to each dealer and after that there would be a lottery for rest of the Bosses.
    I am really hoping to get one through dealer, as I went to many dealers in my area (Sacramento), all Ford Dealers sold the 1 Boss allocated to them.
    So I am hoping to go to the dealer and see if he can manage to get the 2nd one. Already contacted 3 dealers, 1 was asking 8k over msrp, 2nd one said can’t get more, 3rd one said, come over we will try to get second one and will give at MSRP. Lets see what happens.

  • Mikie says:

    Hey Shane, all I can say is wow, I have #1372 and what I what give for #1. I did get a great deal at Kearny Pearson Ford as they sold 2 for MSRP to our Mustang club. My name got drawn for the second one and I was thrilled. Love it like a new baby. Congrats Mikie

  • Paul Harvey says:


  • Guy says:

    This ones from #3167,
    Almost like buying a box of Cracker Jacks and finding a 24 K ring as the surprise. You Lucky, Lucky Bastard. Keep that freak flag flying high and enjoy that treasure. Maybe I’ll run into u at a car show.
    Best of Luck

  • Frank says:

    There is only 1 number one, that means a lot to deep pocket collectors, time and numerous auction’s have proven that. The question is not to drive it or not but how much money Shane wants to lose with each “take aways” he adds to the car. I never pay more than $1000 for a daily driver, preferring to finance collector builds (thank God for those auctions, builds are worth the HUGH pain, crushers are saved and plenty of unfinished projects to buy cheap). So as you gas up just remember those spinning #s are $ leaving your pocket. Just sayin. I don’t personally believe in not driving your cars, I do but more than that, throwing good money away just seems dumb when you can have both.

    Your money, cha ching

  • Frank says:

    To RAGTOPjr; Say what you want about rich folks and auctons killing everything, your point of view is pretty narrow.

    For almost 50 years I’ve been thrashing on cars and what I have seen is whole industries spring up to support the old muscle plus numerous other cars, think SEMA. After letting my 70 SS 454 go 30 years ago I missed it until I found a project 3 yrs ago that will now blow the doors off my first one and it handles like my BMW plus gets twice the mileage, same with my tribute Bullet 69. Just months ago I passed on a 72 challenger project for $3500, yes $3500(and a good year of hard work). One too many Mod A/flathead V8 projects or I would have added that for a future build. No dept, skills, a workshop, bartering and $500/month gives you a ton of fun.
    As I told Shane, it depends on what you want but one thing is for sure, it takes money, less if your handy and watch your pennies, more if you don’t think things through. I can afford a new car until it breakes, my cars I know inside and out and can fix. That’s money

  • Andreas says:

    In the end its just a car – a thing made to move man. Drive it and have fun with it!

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