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2012 Mustang Boss 302 #0001 for sale on eBay

By - May 2, 2011 – 7:45 am6 Comments | 38,437 views

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 #0001

We earlier told you the story of how a lucky Mustang enthusiast, Shane McGlaun, happened to buy a 2012 Mustang Boss 302 with serial #0001. At the time, he wasn’t sure about what to do with the car, saying “I feel bad about using such a special car to drive my kids around and do all the things you do in a daily driver. Not bad enough to park it in a garage and leave it, though!” However, he did say that he would part with the car for the right price and the right owner. “I would sell it to a collector for a Boss just like it and payoff on my current loan I just took out,” he told us.

It looks like Shane is now testing the waters waters to see just how much the car is worth. The car is now up for sale on eBay with an unknown reserve price and more than six days of bidding still left. His reason for selling? On the eBay page, Shane writes that he wants “a Boss 302 that I can drive the crap out of without feeling guilty.” You can read the full description of the sale below:

This car is listed for the serious collector, not those of you looking to find a Boss 302 for a standard driver. This is 2012 Boss 302 #0001, the first one off the line and noted as such by the number plate on the intake of the car. The first 2007 Shelby GT500 brought $200,000 at auction and some consider the Boss name to be more important to the Mustang linage than Shelby, if you are one of those types of buyers this car is what you are looking for. The last time the storied Boss name rolled off the assembly line at Ford was 1971 when the Boss 351 landed in showrooms. For 2012 Ford brought the Boss 302 name back and the cars are phenomenal and this one is ready for your collection, the race track, car shows, or the street. There are two versions of the Boss, the Laguna Seca and the Boss 302 that enthusiast refer to as the “street” version. The main differences between the two are that the Laguna Seca has no back seat, different color options, and stiffer dampers among other things.

This 2012 Boss 302 #0001 car is in the only Boss 302 color that you can’t get on a standard Mustang GT in 2012, Competition Orange. The only options you can get on the Boss 302 in 2012 are the Recaro seat, Torsen differential package and the accessory package that has a car cover and floor mats with Boss 302 lettering. This car has the Recaro/Torsen option making it track ready. The car has power windows, power locks, Brembo brakes, and black stripes. The black top of the car is painted, the hood and side graphics are Ford vinyl. The car is perfect inside and out and is completely stock. I have been driving the car and it has about 690 miles on it right now, half of those came from the trip home from the dealer and half of that remainder came from a car show appearance this weekend (first place!). I will say again, this listing is not for someone looking for a normal Boss 302, this is for high-end collectors that appreciate the worth of this car in a few years and its historical value.

I don’t need or really want to sell this car, but I don’t have the space or desire to own a garage queen. I am entertaining local offers as well, so this auction could end early. If i keep it the car will be a daily driver carting my kids around, picking up groceries, burning up the race track on weekends and making the car show circuit. I bought a Boss 302, not an investment so if you want history, if you want an investment here is your chance. Since the story broke about how I came by this car the number of calls, emails, and texts I have received from people wanting to buy the car have been overwhelming. I want a Boss 302 that I can drive, mod, race, and cart my kids around in without having to worry that a door ding or dent is going to knock $30,000 off the future value of the car. Make no mistake, this is a highly sought after and very collectible car. If you want to read the stories yourself, Google 2012 Boss 302 #0001 and pick from any of the hundreds of links, stories, and talks about this car and what it will be worth in the future.

I have magazines looking to do stories on this car and parts companies wanting to do things with the car for advertising, #0001 has completely captured the interest of the car enthusiast and Mustang world. I know this car inside and out, I know what it is and what it will be. The question is, are any of you avid collectors out there ready to buy a piece of history?

What I really want is what I have said all along, I want a Boss 302 that I can drive the crap out of without feeling guilty. Collectors, if you have a Boss 302 in your collection already and it is the same color and options, I would consider a trade for your car and payoff on #0001. Considering what these cars are selling for right now and offers I have already turned down, I don’t think that is out of line at all. Those serious can text or call 903-262-7921.

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  • Johnny says:

    Wow, I bet the salesman who sold him this car has been kicking himself ever since..

  • Michael says:

    It is totally Shane’s life so what’s one comment on about a story read on a website, but I really felt compelled to put my feelings down.

    Shane, do not sell the car. You are going to regret it. It’s YOUR Boss 302 #0001. Seriously, enjoy the car. Some people win the lottery… this is nothing like that. It’s a great car, you happened to get the first one off the line. Great. Enjoy it. If it is really worth the extra coin, it will be worth the extra coin regardless of the door-dings. If it was me, I would really kick myself for selling that car. Not just because it is car number 1, but because it is MY car number 1. Build up some memories with it. You don’t come across a car like that everyday. It just seems kind of sad when a guy gets a special car, his very own special car (how many fellas can honestly say that?), only to sell it off. Dude, you sell it, and you’re going to look back in a year and say, “Man, I HAD the first Boss off the line.” If it meant something to you when you bought the car, it’ll mean something to you when you let it go.

    It’s your life, brother; all I am saying is that not every guy gets to live life with his very own special car.

  • CRMiller says:

    Update: Shane has sold the car! He was able to get what he wanted, another Boss just like it free and clear and his loan on the 0001 car paid off so he basically got $100K for the car! Incredible! I owe Shane a public apology…I doubted him originally that he had a collector willing to pay this much for the car but he obviously did. I gave him some crap for driving the car and not selling it for profit because the car should be preserved. We need a few low production Bosses to be kept nice. I myself have Boss 302 0002 and it is an exact twin to Shane’s 0001 car. I now have it listed on Ebay as well to allow a harder core collector than me to get the car. When my car came in (I ordered it) and they rolled it off the truck I was Blown away that I got #2! I figured the #1 car would have been help by Ford but I have talked with some people there and found out the story of how the first couple cars got shipped. Anyway, I kept my car in Assembly Line conditions with no stickers or plastic or anything else touched on the car. You can view it on Ebay right now as of May 4th it is not sold. I hope it goes to a serious collector who will keep it for a long time because I think the future will soon swallow up the gas powered internal combustion performance engine forever!

  • joxy says:

    this is a great car i test dove it theres nothing out there that falls in this segment

  • wjharley says:

    Very interesting stuff, the #1 how cool! Sir how in the world do you reason he got 100k for the car? Buyer paid off his loan, and he gives away the car, and gets another car, so at the end of the day he got a free Boss 302. Not two of them.

  • Huch says:

    The new owner pays off the loan on the #0001 car, and also gives Shane a new Boss 302 free of charge. That’s pretty close to $100K as I see it. It may not be quite there, but pretty damn close. I would probably have done the same. I took mine off the showroom floor New Year’s Eve, and it is a low 2K number, but it is still the same BOSS 302. I think I will keep it no matter what the number on the engine says. It is a nice ride.

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