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2014 Mustang gets rendered, new details revealed

By - June 9, 2011 – 6:18 am49 Comments | 96,927 views

2014 Ford Mustang Rendering

Rumors and conjectures regarding the upcoming 2014 Mustang have been cropping up for some time now, but it’s rare that we ever get some visuals to go with the details. Fortunately British car magazine Auto Express has come up with two renderings of what they think the 2014 Mustang might look like to go along with some new info about the car. The images show a slightly smaller and lighter car than the current Mustang with modern styling elements to go along with classic features such as the triple-lens taillights.

Auto Express also published quite a bit of details about what to expect from the 2014 Mustang, although some of the information is old news. For example, it’s been known for quite some time now that the redesigned Mustang will be built on a global platform and have styling input from Ford’s various design studios around the world. However, they did have some new info that’s quite interesting if it turns out to be true. The magazine’s sources say that the Mustang will be sold in more parts of the world and that a right-hand-drive version will be offered in places like the UK, Japan and Australia. Finally, the magazine says that an independent suspension will replace the solid rear axle (something that would be required of a global vehicle), and an EcoBoost four-cylinder engine could be a possibility.

We’ll be sure to bring you more details about the 2014 Mustang as they become available, so stay tuned!

[Source: Auto Express]


  • OneBad70Stang says:

    This will look horrible. Keep the mustang looking like a muscle car!!! that is what it is. this is starting to look like a mid 90’s car. if you think that an edgy euro car is the way to go then think again. Muscle look and performance is what makes these cars sell and look amazing.

  • OneBad70Stang says:

    Looks like a Camaro too……google camaro pics and see what you see.

  • Vincent The Mustang Fan says:

    This is WRONG. The AMERICAN FORD MUSTANG should STAY in OUR COUNTRY, since it’s OUR automotive ICON and automotive royalty.


    If that ever happens, the Mustang is officially dead.

    It will lose it’s muscle car roots. It will be a sports car dubbed “still a ‘muscle’ car”.

    Just thinking about stupid people (literally) in the UK, India, Germany, Japan, CHINA, Brazil, Russia, Egypt, Africa, Mexico, etc TRICKING out their Mustangs…


    (atleast the Japanese can handle the Mustang. They know what theyre doing. )

    The Ford Mustang CANNOT have Right hand drive. It’s so wrong. That’s not the right way to drive a car. And on a Mustang it’s just not right. The IRS is ok: it’ll make it a more agile car.

    What made the mustang so special: IT’S AMERICAN and it’s OURS.

    You have your Porsches. You have your Ferraris. You have your Alfa-Romeos.


    And you can’t have it. You shouldn’t have it. You musn’t have it.

  • rick pfeifer says:

    stick with solid rear axle make the I.R.S optional

  • J says:

    looks like the camaro..hope this rendering is WAY off..

  • thumper says:

    i am sort of okay with the mustang being made available overseas. if there is demand for it ford will profit and hopefully spend more money and development time on the mustang and make it a better car for the masses.

    however, if they dilute the car for the sake of globalization… then hell no. i’ll be keeping my 5.0 coyote forever.

  • pooya says:

    It is very like Ford Mustang Giugiaro Concept 2006 and it’s good.

  • Shane says:

    Everybody chill out. This is just a rendering from some UK based car mag. Nothing official from Ford or anybody that has to do with Ford. And of course it looks Euro, again, it’s from a UK BASED car magazine. I would seriously doubt Ford would alienate the most loyal fan base in the auto industry by releasing a Mustang resembling this. You gotta remember, 2014 is the 50th anniversary for the Mustang. I’m sure the new design will be modern, but still have great retro looks to it. And as for the right hand drive models that will probably come, who cares! You’re not the one driving it, so stop crying ;)

  • Kenny says:

    The mustang needs an IRS!!! It’s long overdue! If its designed properly and not as an after thought, it should be great and should have issues breaking!

  • Eric S. Tangert says:

    I truly hope to GOD that this is some kind of mistake! That piece of crap looks like a camaro! Ford does NOT need to take any styling cues from chevy. What they did to the tail lights in 2010 was bad enough….if they make the Mustang even remind me of this thing….my 08′ Bullitt will be the last new Ford I ever buy.

  • yank194 says:

    If they square off the rear and change the tail lights, then the car will look ok. They also need to change the lines a little BC it does look like the Camaro. Keep it American and remember the Mustang’s roots!

  • wicked says:

    i’m tired of hearing the drag racers cry about keeping the live axle when they are a VERY small minority of people that drive mustangs. FUCK THE LIVE AXLE! and me personaly i would love the new mustang to look more like a sports car. the way i see it if you want a retro looking mustang BUY AN OLD MUSTANG! and if you dont like it and you never buy another mustang GOOD! there will be plenty of people that will.

  • Anderson says:

    In actuallity they are not imitating the camaro because before the camaro was even thought of an italian designer designed a mustang that its very similar to the one we see in the drawing. its called The Guigario Mustang and that mustang was designed to be a concept for the 2012 and had 550 horsepower which would put the camaro ss and shelby gt500 to shame. but i guess they pushed the design back for the 50th anniversary. Im also glad they r getting rid of the rear independent suspension cuz now the car can handle a lot better then it could in the past. But ford please dont put a 4 cylinder in the mustang because that defeats the purpose. also pls dont mess it up

  • yank194 says:

    Hey Wicked…..go buy a Camaro and stay OUT of the Mustang world!

  • MysticLobo says:

    Hi guys. In response to Vincent The Mustang Fan, the Mustang is also currently sold in Mexico (has been sold here at least since I remember. I am 33). And we respect it as an American Muscle Car and it has a great fan base also in Mexico. Best Regards.

  • BinRaleigh says:

    I would like THREE things from the 2014 Mustang.

    1) Be a little smaller, more along the size of the ’67
    2) a USEABLE back seat
    3) Cup holders that are not right where your arm needs to be when you drive a manual transmission.

    And my opinion on the artists conception: YUUUCCCKK!

  • Steve-in-Oz says:

    I’m aussie, and I absolutely love the mustang. I drive our iconic Aussie Falcon XR8 with the old 4V 5.4 modular V8 (our current gen Falcon GT runs a factory supercharged 5.0 Coyote). My dream is to own a 66 mustang, which I would keep LHD, but I would by a new mustang in a heart beat. For you US guys, be greatful that you get to keep the mustang alive. The One Ford program will mean we will lose our Falcon in 2016 unless we get some kind of miracle. Plently of us Aussie’s buying a RHD (yes RHD) Mustang will help you keep the mustang dream alive for many more years to come!

  • E says:

    NO WAY! This concept looks terrible. The rear end at least is passable, but the front is disgusting! I am currently waiting for the 50th Anniversary to upgrade to a GT but it that’s what it will look like, I might sadly have to consider looking into the new Camaros.

  • Cullan S says:

    Gorgeous & sexy car! As for the camaro comparisons, err, no. This looks VASTLY better.

  • Travis W. says:

    “have styling input from Ford’s various design studios around the world”

    I’m not xenophobic, buuuuuuuuuut.

    THIS CAR IS NOT AN AROUND-THE-WORLD VEHICLE. This modern Mustang is meant to be an embodiment of nostalgia and apple pie and bees’-nest hair styles and white leather shoes and all other things strictly 60’s-70’s American!

    This is one car Ford should never let anyone design unless they were born in the US of A. Sorry to sound like an ignorant guy, but that’s the way it should be. Period. If this car is ruined on it’s 50th anniversary, I will not buy it, but will instead continue to build up and wax n’ shine my perfectly designed S197 from 2005.

    – Travis

  • S197 says:

    Ugh, if it comes out looking **anything** like this, I think I will be sickened. There’s no aggressive styling in it–doesn’t look at all like it will command the respect my 2007 GT Premium (Black, tinted windows, black rims) does on the freeway, terrorizing the left lane and all. Why on Earth would some minivan driving schmuck step aside from the left lane for a car that looks like a souped up Scion tC??

    That said, its still just a render. Could always get a used S197 GT500 or Saleen S281.

    Next thing I hear, we’ll have a 4 cylinder Mustang again.

  • Twinscrewd99GT says:

    As a diehard Mustang fan and owner of 3. I have to say that if it comes out looking like this…it wont be in my driveway..not only would I not buy it but I’m pretty sure if I did my ’99 would scare it’s European ass back to the assembly line…Please don’t ruin it Ford. leave the design to someone who doesn’t drive a BMW. – Thanks

  • Thomas P Astley says:

    The Ford Mustang is not a world car it is a AMERICAN CAR!!!!! Keep it that way, thank you

  • Greg says:

    @Vinnie, Tom, etc.: Wow you guys really need to get your xenophobia in check. They already sell Mustangs in a number of other places across the world (you think it’s not sold in Japan?), but with the One Ford vision it means making a more suitable Mustang for around the world.

    @Everyone dissing the design: of course it’s weird and terrible. UK artist made it. The actual designers are the same thinkers who came up with the great ’05 and ’10 visions.

    Calm down, and carry on.

  • Eric says:

    I find most of the responses on the proposed 2014 Mustang very alien and strange. I don’t understand the disproportionate emphases over what it looks like as opposed to what it does. This is a performance vehicle after all. Curb weight, suspension (camber curve characteristics), and horsepower should be the priorities. I guess most mustang owners in general are not track day (road course) junkies. I do see them at the track none the less.

  • GarryM says:

    Auto Week knows nothing. A British magazine tell us about the upcoming Mustang? I doubt it. Ford management would not want the new Stang looking like a watered down Camaro.

    Still too early to speculate on the styling, it’s still too early in the development stage. Styling input is coming from various parts of the world, but the bosses at Ford USA will have the final say.

  • MargieBling13 says:

    Will definitely buy the 2013. If I wanted a Camaro, I’d buy a Camaro not a Mustang turned into a Camaro imitation. Hope they trash this design before it becomes a reality. My 2008 GT prem vert candy apple red had brake failure in a crash 2 months ago, totaled out, am still crying over it but not hurt physically at all, thank God. Owned a ’77 Camaro at one time, love Mustangs much more.

  • 68stang says:

    Vincent The Mustang Fan:
    Mustangs have been right hand drive before, just look up a T-5 mustang, not the tranny but the car. These were built in the 60’s, best looking years ever produced and what made the Mustang a Mustang, so right hand drive will not kill anything, just ensure that we mustang lovers have a car option around for years to come.

  • JohnB says:

    I love mustang I buy a lot of them, 2011 GT, GT500,2012 BOSS LS. Don’t change the mustang to make the world happy,this is an American car built for Americans. The mustang must stay to roots or it will die and only Americans will care,the world won’t even notice.

  • Christopher says:

    I really think they should go back to the style they had in the 60’s. It was the origanal design and I think it was the best looking style of the mustang. Are they going to put a 427 or a 428 in the future? Guess we would wait to find out.

  • TWA says:

    The size of the current mustang is perfect don’t shrink cars down into coffins and then add some more air bags and call it safe. Cut wieght with advanced design, aluminum, and high strength metals. No four cyclinders in the mustang. What they are doing by making appeal to the and the new trend from the government to take away our horsepower, and large vehicles will ruin the market for a mustang. You might as well buy a focus. This will ruin the mustang and its following. They could fix the rear seat, or at least keep the rear seat delete with rollbar. You cant change physics. Adding smaller motors to cars just means the motor has to work harder and have more parts. Next thing you know to meet federal regulations and appeal to the euros it will be a hybrid. Ha. Did you guys know our gov. has spent about ten billion tax dollars for every 1000 hybrid/electric cars that have actually been purchased. Electric cars are not green they actually are more toxic and use more fossil fuel than, good point of use combustion.

  • TWA says:

    I think I miss quoted the government has only spent a billion dollars per 1000 hybrids/electrics. My point is that Ford seems to be giving into government pressures and has to meet new fleet mpg requirements. This will kill the mustang and the mussle car, and they might as well discontinue because it wont be the same car that people love. They finally made a cool f150svt raptor truck that people drool over but I doubt the way things are going it will keep a v8, or current size very much longer. Ford needs to keep making what consumers want. Period.

  • 2007 Owner says:

    The front view looks like a Lexus… horrible. Ford is not stupid… they wouldn’t follow up the success they’ve had with the last two designs with some crap that looks like this. I’m betting the 50th will be so bad ass it will turn even more heads than the new boss (my favorite!)

  • Larry Sorenson says:

    Hey people one big thing to do is remember that no matter what we say about the new Mustang its already done and what we say doesn’t really.they only listen to the bean counters and sales.Remember the Pinto Mustang they created it cause of the fuel prices getting to a dollar a gallon now look at us.What happens happens and only your pocket book will change that.
    The IRS was designed for the 05 model but the bean counters said NO cause it would have upped the price by less than $200 dollars.

  • Cobra says:

    This is a load of BS. Just read this line from the article:

    “two renderings of what they think the 2014 Mustang might look like”

    These early artist renderings don’t have any insider whatsoever. It’s just a drawing.

  • Chris says:

    keep the current style you morons(ford)…this should not even be a discussion…

  • Chris says:

    True…2014 style is already complete…It will be an embarrassment to Ford faithful if 50th anniversary Mustang looks like anything but a true old school style Stang…

  • axs500 says:

    Good god , 2 years a go im already bought a new 2 unit 2009 stang and shiped to uk makes conversion and send to my country….. (indonesia)
    Perhaps ford is not produce stupid mustang likes on the photo and use independent exle

  • Gary says:

    The changes this rendering are far to drastic. Any changes should be more Subtle and mere improvements/enhancements of the current design. You have a good thing going Ford, don’t ruin it!

  • Robert says:

    This not the Pony it looks more like a Camaro. Why ruin an American icon. The 13 Mustang is awesome. Change the design and lose sales and prestige…

  • OLD MAN says:


  • Frank The Tank says:

    I’ve never seen a harder group of guys to drag into the 21st century than you Muscle Car guys lol. What’s wrong with lighter weight and IRS? Have you ever driven a car like the S2000?

    Forget the lack of torque for a moment. Once you experience what a balanced car is like to dirve – one where the suspension and chassis are designed to actually compliment the motor, I believe you would have great anticipation for these changes.

    As far as keepin’ it ‘Merican and LHD, come on! Do you expect Ford not to evolve its marketing and distribution channels to keep up? I want them to make as much money as possible, so we get better and better revisions of this platform.

    Let ‘em stretch their legs!

  • Bobby says:

    Im sure someone said this but thats clearly a cheap photoshop of a Ford Mustang onto a Chevrolet Camaro… I doubt GM would like that very much if it was real. Not to mention Ford customers.

  • mn.mark says:

    I’m sure glad I bought a ’13 – solid rear axle ( & I don’t race it ),
    great late 60s retro look, & great horsepower. I love the LED
    taillights – but wish they look more like the 2012 ( not smoked ).

  • rudy says:

    What’s wrong with a Mustang that has right hand drive? Famous European cars come with left and right hand drive because people in Japan, Britain and Australia want them. In England cars that are only made with left hand drive only have less value, new or used.

  • RJ says:

    Looks pretty good.. Like an Ashton Martin…

  • Margaret says:

    Totally love this car!!!!!!!!!!!! Give it to me in black.

  • stanczyk says:

    Everybody who consider himself a car-guy should hate “global product” …

    French cars should be “french in nature” , American should be american, British .. etc…

    and Whats goin on today is really annoying …

    Mustang should stay pure american ! . . fast , cheap, good-looking Muscle Car .. and I don’t care about some nouvo-riche ignorants that .. want to have let’s say “more german” (more comfortable.. or whatever..) Mustang !

    If you like american cars don’t ask american producers to offer you an “european car”(“Ferrari inspired Corvette” ?!? wtf :) .. of course you can ask for minor change but “character” should stay .. pure american …

    and now: I presume that in … 2023 Ford Mustang GT500 will look and drive like any other … …chinesse sports-cars..:)

    Fuc…k “Global product”… ! :)

  • Poop says:

    Not true. Mustang was never a re-bag of a camaro.

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