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Refreshed Mustang coming in 2013, next generation to be 2015 model

By - July 6, 2011 – 7:23 am31 Comments | 73,832 views

2015 Ford Mustang

Up until now we’ve been referring to the next generation Mustang as a 2014 model, but our inside sources now tell us that the all-new pony car will actually debut as a 2015 model, with a refreshed Mustang coming in 2013 to fill the gap. This timeline will make the next generation Mustang more inline with the car’s true 50th anniversary, as it will go on sale in the Spring of 2014, the same time the 1964 1/2 model hit showroom floors.

Details are still coming through about what to expect from the 2015 Mustang, but Ford’s design chief J Mays has promised that it won’t simply be an updated version of the current S197 platform. “We can’t simply do an evolution of the 2005, 2010 cars,” he said at the 2010 Paris Auto Show. It is widely believed that the next generation Mustang will be based on an new smaller, global platform using an independent rear suspension and will be sold in more parts of the world including the UK, Japan and Australia. The styling will have global input as well, with Ford’s studios around the world bringing designs to the table.

We can only speculate about the 2013 Mustang as well, although there are plenty of details floating around. The 2013 Shelby GT500 is rumored to get an upgrade to more than 620 horsepower, and could even receive a twin-turbo setup to replace the suprecharger system. A new 2013 Cobra Jet is also in the works, and a redesigned 2013 Boss 302 will also be produced with styling resembling the 1970 model.

Overall, it looks like Mustang fans will have plenty to look forward to in the next few years.


  • Don says:

    So the Mustang crawled inside the skin of a Camaro?

    Good to know!

  • Johnny says:

    If anything I hope they change the rear-end and tail lights for 2013!!

  • Carnage says:

    Get over it, the rear and tail lights look great.

  • Hoonter says:

    @ Johnny,

    OH SHUT UP ABOUT THE REAR END TAIL LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Davidbatmanfan says:

    Johnny don’t listen too these punks.Im with you ditch the old tail lightsand how about we get some new designs.

  • jc3 says:

    I agree with Don; are they trying to copy the Camaro? Bad move; the Camaro got low marks for styling functionaity because the sill is too high and difficult to see out from the inside. Make it smaller and lower on the outside, but keep a hint of the rear lines; shave off some more weight!

  • Roger9 says:

    Some of you guys are either smokin something or are working for Ford and just don’t want to have to change the rear end….(taking this way too serious too so just calm down) The rear end/tail lights never looked so whimpy in all the years of Mustangs. The 05-09 at least was bold if simple and not girlie/euro like the current version.

  • wayne pasko says:

    the front is nice but please tell me the rear end is going to change
    too much like copying a camaro

  • Randy says:

    I agree.I hate the tail lights on the new Mustangs. Give me the 05-09.

  • Tony Gonzo says:

    I agree with the Camaro comment and put it on a diet and keep it slimand low to the ground,thecurrent stang is ok but why don’t they mix the style of SN95 and the S-197 and I’d bet they’d come with a Champion Stang!!!…

  • Boomee says:

    Tired of the complaining about the tailights if you like the 05-09 then go buy one. As long as the mustang can be distinguished as a mustang and still is easy chepa power IM Fine

  • Garron says:

    they need 2 go 69-71 style

  • Kevin says:

    STOP MAKING IT LOOK LIKE A FREAKIN CAMARO!!!! the camaro looks like ass, and even chevy guys wish it was designed differently!! give us a fastback, 68-71 look and you wont be able to produce these suckers fast enough!

  • Mikey says:

    “based on an new smaller, global platform”….this is what concerns me! The Mustang design has always been uniquely American. Now the Stang has to appeal to a more Global, fuel concerned, audience. We might as well all drive Focus’. I agree that the Stang needs to evolve though.

  • Jbowman says:

    The 05 – 09 Mustangs have been the best looking stangs since the 64 1/2 – 72 Stangs, which is the basis of the 05-09 retro look. This got us back to the Mustang Roots. The 10+ look like eurotrash because of the backend.

    I have owned three stangs in my life, a 72 Grande (351 C 4bbs), 86 LX 5.0, and my 08 GT, which I will keep as it is truly a classic.

    Ford needs to stick with its roots, and stay away from Mustang II styling and the Fox body. This rendering is definitely not an American Muscle car… might as well have had Mitsubishi design it…

    The S197 style should be widened slightly, keep the lines get back to the 05-09 backend, and crank the HP up as is being suggested… And NO four bangers!

  • Steve says:

    I am a little confused as what to do I am looking to purchase a 12 mustang, but now with this design changing as it might I don’t want my car to be old immediately!! Any guidance given would very much be appreciated. Never owned a mustang before and I am 57 yrs. Old?

  • MustangsDaily says:

    Steve – just wait until the 2013 Mustang debuts at the L.A. Auto Show in a couple months. If you like the design better, get a 2013. If not, go for a 2012 model as there should still be plenty left at dealers.

  • Brian says:

    If I wanted a Camaro I’d buy a Camaro.

  • pk says:

    how ever doesnt like this car is out of their mind

  • Jack Slade says:

    How ignorant. Obviously, the 05-09 Mustang took it’s design cues from the 64-67 era Mustangs, but then again, so did the 10-12. The emphasized front fender ridge and rear fender “hip” are both taken from this generation. Want to talk about “euro” influence, the flattened fender openings are straight from Ford’s “new edge” design, and that is STRONGLY euro. The rear end redesign was a response to the OBVIOUS need to do something about that slab. Almost every 05-09 stang you see on the road has some sort of rear deck panel mod on it, so apparently not too many were enthralled with it. The 10-12 rear end is a direct carryover of the concave ’69 stang, and it looks great. Most if not all automotive reviewers rated the latest model as THE BEST LOOKING MUSTANG EVER!

  • Autumn Dawn says:

    It doesn’t matter what it looks like. Most owners will stick so many gee jaws, emblems, scoops, louvers and spoilers that it will look just like every Mustang has since the ’90s.

  • cheyenne says:

    I can not wait till i turn 16 cause i might be getting a mustang. I been wanting this car since i was born. I LOVE MUSTANGS!!!

  • Greg says:

    Bring back the Mach I with a body style that reflects the 1973!!

  • Jason says:

    what ford needs to do is bring back a fox body look i think the 90’s 93’s was good bodys i had 8 stangs from 79 to 92

  • Stang / dp says:

    I agree with ALOT OF VIEWER’s! Mustang is All American, a legend, but always recognizable, as a CLASSIC beauty! Now the change, I agree trying to copy the Camaro? As far as changes now, well it looks like one of MANY MODELS, trying to slim line, chop, & arrow dynamic, or shall we say, convert it over to please the Euro, fans. I’m one of billions, but the change, doesn’t do it justice! Mustang made its name, & became a legend, & survived all these years, while others were dropped, & some returned later! Please, don’t ruin the All American car, to please all the Euro fans, so it can look like all the rest of the cars, on the road now! You know, that’s why Mustang stands out from the rest, you can look at it, & you know right off, that style, that mean sporty look, with the Mustang in the grill, that’s pride, that’s an All American Car, we’re proud to own! I mean you can take any one of those to a car show now, & they get alot of comments, & looks! But those designs now, they look like one of many, chopped, stream lined cars, that all look the same! Hope there’s more fans, but I’m a retro fan myself! A 4 cylinder Mustang, does that even sound right? Sure you might have power, but to say you have a 4 cylinder Mustang, it’s a Muscle car, let’s not make it whimpy! Hope it all goes well, & not fading out of sight! Guess we’ll see where it goes from here! Good-luck! To each, his own, we all have our own opinions, & entitled to them. Keep those comments rolling!

  • Tim says:

    I also think that Ford is trying to copy the Camaro with the concept they are showing here. I would like to see three different versions of the Mustang offered. Small like the 65 model, middle of the road version like the 70 model, the large beast as the 71-73 model. I have an 08 Mustang GT and I’m very happy with it. I say “go big or stay home”, do like the Nissan GTR with a twin turbo V6.

  • olga says:

    Oooooops too much testosterone going on here!! Well my poor opinion like a mustang costumer is That I’m a mustang fan and I always will be and this are only concept cars and I hope that the final car will be nice and powerful like always ford has never disappointed us, let’s wait and see at the end nobody is forcing us to buy something we don’t find attractive =) have a nice day people!!

  • Joseph says:

    Well I think.I will be keeping my 2011.If that is what the 2015.Is gonna look like.

  • jpd says:

    The best Mustang designs have always been the fastbacks from 1965-1970. Stray from that formula and Ford will pay the price. I think the current designs are awesome and obviously take their design cues form those 60’s platforms. The tail lights? Throw on a set of modern day sequentials on the back and call it good. Other than that, do not screw with this car and try to slap a fusion front end on it…that will not fly to use Mustang fans. You could keep the retro 60’s look for the next 100 years and I’d be happy. At least consult Shelby American before you do anything stupid and wreck the soul of this American icon.

  • Kenkin says:

    There are many serieses Ford can add changes to meet current trend, eco, streamlined silhouette, upturned eyes, downsized. Why do these on Mustang which in my view is a lifestyle of uncompromising and anti-mass culture. I am just about to buy one. If this is the style, bye bye Ford.

  • Kenkin says:

    If you change the elements to meet current trend, you get customers from those who may interested in other serieses like Focus. So the turnover of Focus will down. But, you will lose the real Mustang fans, and your total turnover will not increase. So, it means you are doing noting.

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