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2015 Ford Mustang rendered with Evos design cues

By - May 8, 2012 – 8:16 am67 Comments | 96,912 views

2015 Ford Mustang

Rumors continue to abound regarding the upcoming 2015 Ford Mustang, the latest being that the Blue Oval’s next generation pony car will rely heavily on design cues from the Evos Concept that debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of last year. It’s hard to imagine how the styling from the Evos would be implemented on the Mustang, but the folks over at Inside Line have given their best shot and released two new renderings of what they think the 2015 Mustang will look like. The design ticks off all the boxes of what’s supposed to be in store for the new Mustang – a shorter, smaller body with a more futuristic, sleeker design that retains the car’s signature items like the rear quarter windows and triple-lens taillights. According to the web site, a Ford insider told them the renderings are fairly close to the design of the production car.

Of course, a new exterior design will be only one of many changes coming to the 2015 Ford Mustang. It’s all but confirmed that a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine will have a place in the new Mustang’s lineup, although it’s yet to be determined if the 3.7L V6 will stick around. A new independent rear suspension will likely replace the current solid rear axle design, and Ford is doing its best to shed as much weight – possibly several hundred pounds. Finally, the new Mustang will be a true global car and will likely be marketed in several international markets and even be available in right-hand-drive for places like Great Britain.

[Source: Inside Line]


  • Kenkin says:

    This is not a Mustang. Its is Aston Martin.

  • Nathan says:

    This mustang comes out my Senior year in high school. I want a mustang but not this one. This one is so ugly I want to vomit. It looks like an Asian in the front but the rear end looks sweeeet! But im going to stick with the other generation mustang because as I said before this one is freaking ugly!

  • joe says:

    messing with the concept of the true mustang is really not a good thing, look what happened in the late 70’s and early 80’s. dont see many of them around do you.what is wrong with retro anyways? we’ll see how many show up in the mustang clubs around america.

  • jeramie says:

    I think this new car is awesome. If the design resembles this almost 100% i will buy one. I openly welcome and am all for redesigns as long as they look more sleek and futuristic. this new design makes good on aerodynamics and functionality. who wouldnt want one?

  • dan says:

    what a hideous sac of crap. looks like ford’s back to there old ways of making eye sores.

  • Juston says:

    I finally have a car worth asking my wife to let me put in the garage next to my 2013 Limited F150 blacked out, lifted with 38″ tires and gears with lockers… This car will get stuff done under the hood day one…

  • lgg1968 says:

    @Juston, please… You don’t know what you are talking about and you don’t have a 2013 anything… Maybe on your XBox, but not in your garage…

  • tom purvis says:

    It looks like a Fusion!!! There goes the individualized look of the Mustang. So sad!!

  • Mike says:

    Sorry Ford, it just isn’t a Mustang without round headlights. The rear is right on target, but the front . . . D’oh!

  • Grimm Reaper says:

    Why not restyle the 1970 mustang
    Make it more sleeker. This has an Astro
    Martin, Jaguar style feel to it which it’s not bad
    at all. Must see in person to appreciate.
    I don’t like the Ford Fussion styling too much
    and afraid it might look like it. But love the way the
    Jaguar is shaped.

  • Steve says:

    I’ll keep the “06 as long as the parts are still being manufactured. We bought a mustang back then because it resembled the 65 that my wife had and the Mach 1 that my brother had. Ford sold out to the Europeans. Looks like a tennis shoe.

  • Richard Donegan says:

    I might have to go to Dodge when I can’t get parts for my 06 GT.

  • charles banks says:

    Very nice sleek design. I’m a mustang man and I love it. Keep up the good work guys.

  • charles banks says:

    everybody who have anything negative to say about the 2015 do not have style or taste. as long as it come with the 5.0v8 ford is doing there job. looks and power sales. I had 88-90-91gt and they came with blue oval ford sign so the guy that said they never had one do your research.

  • arun ramius says:

    ridiculous……. .

  • Steve says:

    Why is it that the front end is pretty much an exact copy of the new fusion. Is the new mustang just a 2 door fusion? especially when talking about the 4 cylinder engine?? in a stang??!! wow. talk about goin down hill.

  • J Wall says:

    My first car in ’78 was a ’66 mustang, a thing of beauty. But the life of the Mustang was very depressing after 1970, until the 2005 model year which brought alot of smiles. Now, sadly, the mustang is drifting back into the every-car look. This Fusion/Galant/Nissan-Aston Martin is no longer a Mustang. Might as well make it a three door and put a stake through it’s heart.

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