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Is this the best looking 2015 Mustang rendering yet?

By - July 10, 2012 – 11:36 am27 Comments | 25,859 views

2015 Ford Mustang

With the introduction of the 2015 Ford Mustang looming, many have tried to put pen to paper and imagine what Ford’s next generation pony car will look like. Early renderings were mere speculation than anything, but later drawings infused design cues from the futuristic Ford Evos Concept after it was reported that the next generation Mustang will lose much of its retro look. Some had the 2015 Mustang looking nearly identical to the concept car while others kept many Mustang’s signature styling attributes.

Now another web site, CarScoop.com, has released a new rendering of what they believe the 2015 Ford Mustang will look like. Their creations seems to be the most attractive yet (although we have no idea if it’s the most accurate), with Evos design cues  implemented into a more traditional Mustang design rather than the other way around. The front end is significantly more futuristic, while the short rear deck lid matches with reports that the 2015 Mustang will be shorter and lighter than its predecessor.

You can see more articles on the 2015 Ford Mustang here, and let us know what you think of this latest rendering in the comments section below.

[Source: CarScoop.com]


  • Twin Turbo says:

    It’s a great looking Mustang but, with everything we’ve heard about Ford ditching retro for 2015MY, I think that is just too close to the current S197.

    It WOULD have made a superb 2013/2014MY though :)

    For me, this is the best looking 2015 rendering yet….hints of ’71-’73 in the window grahpic and full fastback look. And hints of Shelby GR1 concept.


  • Josef says:

    Yes, too close to the 2013…

  • Walter says:

    The rendering is very nice but I hope that the next mustang resembles nothing of the current. I think that the next mustang should be a very interesting mustang ever and to fight all muscle cars with design and performance. Chevy have accomplished well with their camaro and is still going strong with buyers. Ford need to do it right and make the styling of the next generation make camaro owners second guess their camaro

  • Dan says:

    now we are getting better…

  • Ericc B says:

    This is the best rendering of a 2005 Mustang yet

  • tomford says:

    I agree with Twin Turbo. I am a fan of the current body but moving forwared i expect something more like the Evos. This is nice but just a do over.

  • David Sr. says:

    I will agree that this is one of the SEXIEST renditions I’ve seen so far. It keeps that Fastback look but still staying modern & very similar in ques to the S197 platform. I’ve been a fan of the Mustang for so many years, ever since ’96 when my older brother ‘gave me’ his ’91 Fox Body. So whatever those Ford Boys & Girls do, I’m sure I’m gonna love it regardless.

  • mustang salley says:

    I agree, i think we all want the next gen mustang NOT to be too similar to the current car, which by all means is a good performance car but styling wise its time for something not only *ALL NEW* but more importantly leaves the current cars proportions behind for something specifically tailor built for performance. Lower Sleeker sexier that the current car, wider, longer in proportions but overall a smaller car. more liken to sn95 in size. The current car despite the visual cosmetic tweeks to trick the eye into making you think its a smaller car than what it really is, the fact that its the largest and heaviest mustang ever made. The current car is a tank!. Far too tall. although the camaro looks like its designer seriously was fond of lego’s, it certainly very sleek and sexy (for a rectangle). Truth be told the new mustang should look very simular to an aston martin if you consider how its lines shouldve evolved over time. Take a good look at say elanore then evolve the shape into something new and what do you get?. If done right the mustangs lines and features could make the car one of the sexiest things on the road PERIOD!. but no-one seems to know how to do it, or at least Ford keeps leaning towards ‘Family’ which ultimately ruins a sports cars development. seems im gonna have to spend a day creating a rendering and show people exactly what the mustang could and possibly should be. keep a lookout for the mustang Salley rendering.

  • jaylinno says:

    i agree the mustang needs a change but it doesnt have to look like that ugly evos design wich would just make it look like some hohnda and will pass under peoples noses without notice. remeber Ford, you dont mustang for a camaro, but seemingly, the other way around. :)

  • jjppmustang says:

    Very nice curvy, clean, chiseled, I like it. The front could be cleaner,meaner,without too many creases and lines.

  • jjppmustang says:

    And a little more emphasis on curve from door handle/rear quarter. In other words . . . A little bit more dominating on the rear quarter. :)

  • Robert says:

    Wow, yeah… now that’s totally boring. I’d rather just have a 2013 than that.. if Ford is going to do an incremental change like this they might as well leave it alone.

  • Carl says:

    this one I can live with.. that EVO Concept was disgusting! There is one important factor the current designers seem to be forgetting, this is NOT a European car, its an American icon and needs to look like a Mustang!! Take the 05-09 styling, the current 5.0, the future IRS, and for crying out loud give us some exciting colors and we’d buy the crap out of the car. When I saw all those future Mustang concepts I said screw this and bought a 2013 Conv 5.0 because maybe just maybe they might screw it up…

  • Angel says:

    I’d rather see the official company rendering. Everybody with drawing app wants to be a car designer.

  • Brian says:

    The new mustang should keep more of the retro styling. This rendering is the best so far.

  • MICH says:

    ford dont do the new mustand as the EVO these picture is just perfect for the 2014 or 215 mustang i have been a mustang fan since 2008 but even i am only 14 years old i do recognize a good mustang when i see it dont change the style so much the mustang is attractive mostly by its old fashiones retro style use these picyure as a base dont change it so much

  • jerry says:

    It’s Ok. The wheels are rediculous. What’s the new flat flower wheels that have to be 50 inches talls. 18’s are bad enough. anything bigger looks stupid. They don’t even resemble muscle cars.

  • Frank says:

    Honestly the Evo is to Newer style of a muscle car, I think Ford is going to the newer foreign look which is hidious to bo honest. I think Ford needs to keep the same original look not body stlye but that original Mustang look. If they go to Evo’s alot of Mustang and Ford fans are going to change their whole outlook. What they need to do is create a car like the Ford GT and make it evolve for a newer style car but not raise the price out of the roof but keep low because they will get good ratings for keeping their car modern but also ratings for their modern cars. therefore they will have fans from all time periods from the first mustang to the last.

    P.S. I am almost 16 years old, and maybe someday wish to be a car designer anyways thats how I beleive.

  • Frank says:

    Sorry for the grammar I know it was hidious spelling but I was in a rush to finish.

  • Frank says:

    I meant they will get good rating for their cars older looking and modern.

  • Scott says:

    What’s the story on that yellow hardtop to convertible mustang video on this site? Availability is ?? Aftermarket ? Cost?? Possible production?? Anybody have any info?

  • a.n.onimous says:

    mmmm,tasty.Hope we get one that looks this cool in Europe!

  • face says:

    This is the best American muscle car concept I’ve seen, please make this a production model.

  • face says:

    Frank are you ridiculous that style will change the game for ford.

  • Ace says:

    This is the best looking version i have seen of the 2015 mustang so far not to much evos but enough to give it those sleek body lines and they are staying true to the retro 2013 mustang

  • paul says:

    K first of all the guy named twin turbo everytime you lime a render it looks like a camaro lol

    …and to answer the topic of the main pic shown here, I guess it looms ok for a v6 car but I’m hoping it’d be a bit more aggressive as a gt..there’s more vanilla in this render than one of them scones in starbucks =P

  • Debbie says:

    Without a hoodscoop or spoiler?! Sleek yes, but without muscle car presence. It might loom, but can it leap?

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