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Spy Photos: 2015 Mustang interior revealed

By - August 2, 2012 – 2:08 pm14 Comments | 48,630 views

2015 Ford Mustang Interior

Much of the speculation of the upcoming 2015 Mustang’s design has been about the exterior, although we’re perhaps just as curious about what Ford will do with the interior. With widespread speculation that the next generation will be a global vehicle, it’s likely that Ford will be designing the cockpit to appeal to a wider variety of international buyers. Undoubtedly Ford will make the interior less retro, as Ford’s lead designer, J Mays, has said the exterior will feature more futuristic styling.

Thankfully we don’t have to wait anymore to get our first look at the inside of the 2015 Mustang, as InsideLine.com’s spy photographers have managed to get images of the interior of an engineering test mule. Perhaps most noticeable is the new multi-function steering wheel with MyFord Touch, and a new instrument panel similar to the 2013 F-150’s can also be seen. Keep in mind that plenty of changes could be made before the design if finalized, and Inside Line does point out that it’s impossible to say whether these new elements will actually be used or if Ford is simply testing out the new components. One thing for sure is that technology will certainly play a larger part in the next generation Mustang.

You can see the spy photos of the 2015 Mustang interior below.

[Source: InsideLine.com]


  • Twin Turbo says:

    I suspect Ford have just cut n pasted existing Fusion/F150 interior hardware into this mule, in order to test out the tech behind it. I’d hope the finished interior will look a fair bit different from this.

    Good to see new spyhots though :)

  • Harry says:

    IT’S A TEST “Mule”!!!!!!

  • Ericc B says:

    If you look closely you can easily see that this is not the new dashboard, it’s the current one sans instrument cluster and passenger airbag with some (horrible looking) electronics slammed into it.

  • Santos L Halper says:

    UGLY…..Ford is gonna fuck this up making it a “world car”

  • Goat hurding says:

    Its a mule, lets all hope it looks nothing like that.
    all squared off looking more like a minivans or suv’s interior, which parts of it is. Now is certainly not the time for Ford to go low balling the very model that there trying to uplift for the next generation.
    They need to stay far away from ‘design by committee’ or ‘design by accountant’ thats the formula for burring a company.
    Ford should do it rite at all cost. all a company needs a one marque to uplift a companies name. (and sure it could also hurt it) but in mustangs case. we all know it to be the car that ‘if it only was a little better.. it would be….” Its truly a great car, if you make it to be or want it to be.

  • jim dowmonjdowmon@entertainment.com says:

    Hope to see the taurus interior, and an option for a factory supercharger or eco turbo( 4 to 5,000 ) from the factoy would be great for all the ford fans.Shelby or svt can include all the add ons like body parts and biggger tires etc.for more money

    photos of proposed bodys are fun

  • Busman says:

    Ruined, absolutely ruined. If this design comes to the newest Mustangs then Ford has made the biggest mistake. Who cares what Europe thinks? They had the original Mustang in Germany, similar design and people there bought it. If the Mustang loses the retro styling, fine. But don’t disgrace it with something as ugly as this. You might as well be sitting in a plastic box. The Mustang is a great car, I just don’t want it to become the new Mustang II.

  • John C says:

    That’s a ’10-’14 Mustang with a 2013+ Fusion steering wheel and Sync dash cluster zip tied in. The multi-function wheel and dash layout will probably carryover. Rest assured that production units will be much cleaner.

  • JAVman says:

    THESe r obvious current parts & pcs from current lineups, it seems to
    Be jus a mockup fit/function of mostly the technology & how it
    Will play into a final design. Don’t get panties in a bunch, FORD couldn’t poss
    be this minor league! Cause its so obviously slice & diced pcs for a layout. To
    actually have a futuristic car, the interior has to be refined-yet very sporty, w/o a bunch of
    Cheap ass looking plastic. Any even the entry levels should use some
    Type of quality faux leather (w/ poss small amount of cloth Insert along w/ same faux padded
    Material on dash, console & dash!! With a min 5.5 screen, w/ the center control having
    A curved cockpit style w/ very front of backside having air controls Fa passengers to adjust to
    their comfort. & most important!!! By enlarge people are taller/bigger than ever so make an extra
    Long seat bracket that’s very low profile to back drivers seat the VERY VERY
    CRUCIAL EXTRA 3-4 inches!!! Allowing athletes over 6’4′ – 6’9″. I’m 6’8″ & that diffrence alone makes my decision
    So easy over a Comaro or vette!!! Keep Front seats a very low & back to RR seats when reclining the
    “Tall back& head rest (a must Fa safety)” I’m NOT GOING TO HAVE ANYONE SITTING BEHIND ME ANYWAYS!
    Also just use an awesome LED CENTER CLUSTER w/ up to 4 display choices & colors.
    If ur serious about being GLOBEL, & CARE ABOUT USA drivers (tallest avg in world) then I & many friends that played college & pro will buy!!! FORD….. U CAN DOOOO IT!!!

  • Jazzboy says:

    If this mess is anything close to what we can expect, they may as will just give it up. What was the point of showing this crude mock up that looks like the first MacIntosh computer stuck to a dashboard? Nothing cutting edge revealed here.

  • joel steene says:

    That’s a 2013 Fusion steering wheel and center counsel. I own one.

  • Ananoymous says:

    The look of the dash look like it came from a cheap Chevy Metro. I get a kick of the the LCD screen size about the same as the first generation iphone 3.5″. Currently, most cars are between 6-10″. Ford going screen screw up the interior royally if this is the finished or near finish look. It just plain substandard compare to the Japanese sport cars. It looks like Ford is going after the Camaro – retro again. LOL!

  • ThomasM195 says:

    That does not look anything like a 2013 F150 instrument panel. Where do these authors come up with these bits of false information?

  • Carl says:

    looks like the steering wheel and center dash from a Fusion just to mess with people

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