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It’s official: The Ford Mustang is coming to Europe

By - September 6, 2012 – 8:43 am8 Comments | 3,638 views

Ford Mustang to Europe

In their continuing quest for a global lineup of vehicles, Ford announced today that the Mustang is officially coming to the European market. The news doesn’t come as a surprise, as it has long been rumored that the next generation 2015 Mustang will be built on a global platform and marketed internationally with a new futuristic design, a new independent rear suspension and the option for a four-cylinder engine. Ford even started to subtly market the Mustang in Europe this past summer, showing off the 2013 Shelby GT500 at events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Le Mans Classic.

“We heard it here first – Mustang, the American icon, is coming to Europe!” said president and CEO, Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally at the “Go Further” event in Amsterdam earlier today. “We will have more details to share in the future. One thing we can say for sure what has made Mustang such a sensation in the U.S. for nearly 50 years soon will be enjoyed by customers in Europe.”

“You only have to look at the incredible response to Mustang when it has appeared this summer at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, in the U.K., and at the Le Mans Classic, in France, to get a sense of the excitement this American icon generates across Europe,” said Stephen Odell, group vice president and chairman and CEO of Ford of Europe. “The Mustang is uniquely Ford and has a huge fan base here in Europe. Now those fans have something to look forward to and we look forward to providing more details in the near future,” he added.

You can see a video of the official announcement below.


  • Twin Turbo says:

    Whilst it’s great that Ford recognises we love the Mustang over here (UK) I’m in two minds:

    1 – A factory warranty will give a nice comfort factor (personal imports mean no Ford warranty overseas).

    2 – Depending on the C02 outputs of the new engine, the Mustang will be crusified with a very high VED (Vehicle Exise Duty – effectly an annual tax you pay to drive on the road).The benefit of personal imports is we currently get one of the lowest bands as the car is not officially rated. This will AT LEAST double for an official car.

    3 – LHD just makes it feel more…….American. OK, that only impacts us in the UK, but 99% of Mustang owners perfer to sit on the left.

  • MustangsDaily says:

    Twin Turbo – about how much do you think the VED would be for a 5.0L Mustang? My best guess is that Ford will be pushing the four-cylinder variant in Europe.

  • Twin Turbo says:

    I currently pay £215/year……so call it $345, and that’s at the current low “unclassified rate”. I suspect the 5.0 will be nearer £450 (I’m going by Audi/Merc/BMW V8 figures) so $720 EVERY YEAR!

    There’s also a first year tax on brand new cars and that’s around £1700 for such a car….or $2700.

    For can push the four-cylinder variant all they like. In fact they can push it all the way to Eastern Europe, ‘cos I and most of my Mustang owning friends, would only want the V8 ;)

  • Twin Turbo says:

    Oh, and for what it’s worth, the largest Mustang importer in the UK doesn’t import V6 models…..only V8s. That should tell you what we want over here ;)

  • Ericc B says:

    That UK tax is utterly small potatoes my friends. The CO2 based registration tax on a new 5.0 in the Netherlands is 45.000 euro. And mind you that is just the registration tax, which comes on top of the price of the car itself, followed by an additional 10% import tax and 21% sales tax.

    Maybe now you can imagine how much we are looking forward to a 2.0 4 banger, which will have a registration tax of “only” around 10.000 euro. It’s basically the only way we ever get to drive a new Stang again.

  • Twin Turbo says:

    Ericc, that sucks, my friend! Perhaps we should all move to the US :)

  • a.n.onimous says:

    I welcome Ford’s decision to market the muzzy in europe.It’s long overdue,never mind it’s not a left-hooker only,i for one prefer right-hooker’s,it’s just a shame the aussie Falcon is imported,that’s already right hand drive!

  • a.n.onimous says:

    re my last posting…should have read..not imported!!

  • brylajo says:

    I just read an article that said Ford will not be marketing the V8 in Europe. Of course that might change if there’s enough demand for the car. Regardless of what Mustang you get or whether it has a left or right hand drive configuration, please help keep the Mustang alive and buy it! I plan to get mine in 2016…

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