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2015 Ford Mustang to get 2.3-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder with 310 horsepower?

By - October 3, 2012 – 3:27 pm16 Comments | 27,149 views

2015 Ford Mustang Rendering

The rumors of an EcoBoost four-cylinder coming to the 2015 Ford Mustang have been all but confirmed, but the technical specifications of the engine including displacement and horsepower and torque outputs are still up for debate. Earlier this year it was surmised that the engine could be the same turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder slated to be in the next generation Ford Focus RS, which could produce anywhere from 250 to upwards of 320 horsepower. Of course, that leaves little room for a V6 option, and it’s possible that Ford might drop the six-cylinder for the Mustang all together.

According to one forum user over at AllFordMustangs.com, though, the rumor of a 300+ horsepower four-cylinder offering is correct. Member GT_STYLE, claiming to be have been part of a market research study for the next generation Mustang, states that an EcoBoost 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine was listed as an engine option, producing 310 horsepower and netting 34 MPG on the highway.

GT_STYLE also gave his impressions of the design, saying that “the body is very similar to the current body but the sides are formed/indented and the trunk length is smaller. The front was very very cool with a beehive grill. The Mustang logo was centered and about 3 inches from the grill and it had a chrome line/piece going from side to side on either side of the logo.

He continued by describing the headlights and taillights.They [the headlights] were little slants, not the traditional round Mustang lights or even close to the current HID style. They [the taillights] are actually louvered and projecting out. Kinda like the quarter window louvers. They are solid red. The traditional third break light on the trunk lid was gone. The third break light is now actually quite large and under the license plate.”

Of course, all of this information has to still be considered rumor, and it’s likely specifications and the design of the 2015 Mustang could still be tweaked. Either way, expect a four-cylinder option for the 2015 Mustang with power outputs and fuel mileage as good or better than the current Mustang V6.

[Source: AllFordMustangs.com]


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  • Sean says:

    Makes sense. The eco boost motors are great. If they can get the same horse power with better gas millage, why not.

    Add a super charger to the V6 and the power output is right up there with the naturally aspirated Coyote motor.

    Time and technology march on. . .

  • SC_Kona_Blue says:

    The ecoboost version will have few options to upgrade the HP level. Where as the 3.7L has both supercharger and turbocharger options to add another 200+ HP.

  • Carl says:

    This drawing has some good lines in fact 1,000 times better than the other crap so far but the front resembles an Aston Martin and us Mustang owners want an American Mustang so we don’t want it looking like anything but a Mustang. A Mustang is not a Mustang without ROUND HEADLIGHTS!

  • Twin Turbo says:

    Well……the Fox and SN95 Mustangs didn’t have round headlights ;)

  • Chris says:

    This rendering looks beautiful. Excited to see what the production version looks like. It might be different as this is only a rendering but hay a guy can dream right? Hope I can finish college and get my career started so I can afford a new one. Especially if it looks anything like this. :)

  • Carl says:

    @Twin Turbo, the Fox Mustangs are butt ugly and handled like crap! The SN95 weren’t much better and if not for the Mustang name on it you’d probably think it was a Japanese car. Why do you think the 2005 was such a hit because it was the first Mustang in 32 years that resembled a true Mustang. I’m not knocking anyone as everyone has their favorite body style but round headlights is a Mustang trademark just like the 3 bar taillight. Ferrari taillights over the years are basically all the same. I’ve owned vintage Mustangs, current models, and both Fox and SN95 body styles and will take my 2008 Shelby over any of them

  • a.n.onimous says:

    I agree with all those who say it ain’t a Mustang without round headlights.

  • Angel says:

    The rendering did not come out of Ford. More guesswork littering the Internet. I’ll never find the official ‘015 model at this rate.

  • Steve says:

    This looks pretty good, I’d rather the grill be rounded rather then come to the points as with the Fusion.. Also I believe they have to keep the hood vents at least for the V-8, Ford put those in for a reason, the Coyote runs hot!

  • Some Guy says:

    This is the stupidist looking car I have ever seen wahs wrong with what it looks like now

  • Patrick says:

    Why not have 4 options

    2.3 ecoboost – 310hp
    3.5 ecoboost – 370hp
    5.0 roadrunner – 444hp
    5.0 cobrajst/ecoboost like at sema – 550+hp

  • Patrick says:

    Although I hope the real car looks better than this guess I do have to remind everybody the mustang DID NOT have ROUND headlights from 1979-2004. So for 1/2 of it’s existance it did not. Round is not a requirement just better looking then the guess above.

  • Patrick says:

    Also looking a recent sales history the Mustang has been on a steady slide since the newest body style in 2005. First 2 years got close to the 2001 sales but could not beat them. And now they selling less than 1/2 the average sales form 1999-2004. So more of the same is not going to work here. They need to be revolutionary while paying homage to the history. As long as it is RWD (AWD as an option not a bad idea) and a V8 as an option for the GT it will be a mustang.

  • Raychaun says:

    I am true mustang fan. No matter if it is a 1960 era fastback, 1993 GT cobra, or a new age coyote. A nice mustang is a nice mustang.I just hope that ford stays true to their fans. By the way i have a convertible fox body mustang and it is far from ugly i have the trophies to prove it. LOL

  • Mark John Clayton says:

    How to build a Clayton Mustang. Drop a 2.0L Cosworth YB Turbo in.
    Sit Barrack in the passenger seat. The President will be proud! lol ha hah ha

  • Jon says:

    WHen it comes please deliver it w/a Functioning Auto Lift Fastback.

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