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Ford to build 2014 ½ Mustang for 50th anniversary?

By - November 27, 2012 – 4:22 pm12 Comments | 9,692 views

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With the next generation Mustang slated for 2015, many people, us included, have been wondering what will Ford will do regarding a 50th anniversary model. Will Ford give the new 2015 Mustang the responsibility of celebrating a half century of uninterrupted production, or will they make the anniversary model for 2014? With the very first Mustangs being produced as 1964 ½ models, the anniversary year is somewhat up for debate. History dictates that the anniversary model be a 2014, given that Ford has recently produced special edition Mustangs in 1999, 2004 and 2009.

Now it appears the answer is neither. According to a Ford social media representative posting on The Mustang Source, Ford will produce a special 2014 ½ Mustang as a limited edition 50th Anniversary model.

“The 2014 ½ will be the 50th Anniversary edition,” the representative stated on the site’s forum. “It will be added to production for a limited run sometime during the year.”

What exactly will be included in the 50th anniversary model is still unclear, although we hope it’s more than a simple sticker and badge job. It’s possible Ford will release more details at one of the upcoming auto shows over the next several months, and we’ll be sure to bring you more details about the 2014 ½ Ford Mustang as we get them.

[Source: TheMustangSource.com]


  • Scott Moen says:

    You forgot to mention the first “Official” anniversary edition Mustang, the 1984 20th Anniversary Edition Mustang. Ford built a total of 5261 of them. They were available in Hatchback and Convertible models. Thanks.

  • Twin Turbo says:

    Just to point out…….that detail was posted on TheMustangSource, not AllFordMustangs…..although your link does go to TMS :)

    I really can’t see this being much more than a sticker job though. All of Fords resources will be focused on S550, the all new Mustang. As the 2014 order books are now open, the ’14MY is/was likely to be a longer run than we’ve been used to of late, as ’15MY isn’t likely to be on sale until April ’14…..some 6 months longer than usual. So, a ‘14.5 makes sense to help sell the last of the S197s :)

  • Carl says:

    If FORD offers a Mach 1 man will I be pissed as I am about to get my 2013 delivered because afraid FORD is going to screw up the AMERICAN Mustang by making it look European!

  • Mark says:

    And I’ll be laughing at Carl when he sees the 2015 and falls in love with it.

    I’ve seen the 2015, and all I will say is that anyone who doubts FORD has done the Mustang properly is way off the proper mindset.

    The 2015 is a stunning car. Seriously. It identifies true as a Mustang, but it really is the future in a very positive way. Of all past and present designs, it stands alone as the most aesthetically pleasing by a long stretch.

    You can’t please everyone, but those that are lovedrunk on the retro style will see the new car and be impressed. I guarantee it will get a larger, louder and more positive response than the 2005 did when it was released.

    Does it look too Euro? Absolutely not. But it ditches basically all design that defines the S197 save what specific design cues the mustang has always had.

    It is as different from the S197 as the SN95 was to the Fox, and the S197 to the SN95, and in all the right ways.

    Be excited because you will be impressed. I can guarantee that.

    I’m a designer of consumer products. Though I had no collaboration on anything FORD has ever done, I can promise that they hit an absolute grand slam.

  • David says:

    Ford did not announce a mid-year model when the Mustang came out.

    The VIN for all first year Mustangs is model year 1965.

    Not a 1964 model, not a 1964 1/2. (there is a photo of an old Mustang in the 40th anniversary brochure that says ‘1964 Ford Mustang’).

    Yes, they built them early. And its a good way to denote changes (generators versus alternators, etc.) in early cars.

    But there’s no historical requirement to make a mid-year model. Just a reason to sell cars.

  • David says:

    also please note that the 1984 1999 2004 and 2009 anniversary models were right before changes, the dates have been revised for sales purposes.

    I see it, it should be: 1985…2000, 2005, 2015, etc.

    Either way, I look forward to the next generation Mustang.

  • Larry Price says:

    This is no brainer. This 50 year milestone should celebrate the very first Mustang which was released mid-year. Mustang’s success is not shared by many; it has evolved by adapting to changing markets and redefining itself. I don’t believe that there is anything that can be done to the current vehicle to make it stand out from the next generation, especially with the release timeline so close. If it’s just not possible to go online with the new car in time for the anniversary date; (it may be time to evaluate some of those large compensation packages) let’s consider the following:
    (1) Orders will be accepted beginning on the anniversary date through a pre-determined date ex. day first 2105 comes off line.
    (2) After first run of a pre-determined amount of production vehicles are produced, the Anniversary Edition orders are entered into production.
    (3) These vehicles should come with a collector documentation package showing 1 of so many built, options, etc.
    (4) I would like to be at the plant for kick off and to take delivery of my new Anniversary Edition Mustang courtesy of Ford Motor Company.

    Respectfully, Larry Price – Live Oak, FL

  • Twin Turbo says:

    Mark……….don’t be such a tease, man!!!!

    I’m glad you’re excited by it…….I’m sure I will be and cannot wait until we finally get to see it in all its glory.

    Of course, you could always give MustangsDaily the scoop of the year by sharing what you know, in detail ;)

  • Mark says:

    Twin Turbo,

    I would if I could but unfortunately I have legal obligations to not give any details that haven’t already been shared.

    Many of the renderings hold some details of the design, but in pieces, and they aren’t quite accurate either. As a whole, none of the renderings really show what the car looks like. And the recent spy photos with the front end under black camouflage is a throw off.

    As far as which EcoBoost engines they will use, I honestly don’t know. I’ve only seen the car and I don’t have any real performance details even though I asked.

    Even for the Coyote, which will be used I do know, I did ask if they were going to go with direct injection and what horsepower numbers they were aiming for. I was told that those details can’t be given out, but the 5.0 is capable of Direct Injection and that the new Mustang in all trims, will easily outperform the new camaros in competitive trim in all areas of performance. Weight is also something that I asked about and they said the weight of the cars is down, but details are confidential. Ford already knows that the new 450hp LT1 will be used in the next generation camaro on the lighter Alpha platform. The camaro is already set in stone for power and weight. The alpha platform will drop nearly 300 lbs from the curb weight, and get a modest 25 horsepower boost to 450.

    If I were to take an educated guess, the new GT will be almost equal to the current C6 Corvette in performance.

    As far as the GT500 is concerned, anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

  • thomas grennier says:

    it would be cool if you did a t-top with a boss 429cj stages 1,2&3 costom paint wit carol shelby xtreem brak kit witha wide bodykit with a costom graphics.

  • Twin Turbo says:

    I was only joking, Mark. I appreciate people’s lips are sealed, and for good reason :)

    With regards the 14.5, seem Ford Customer Services are now backtracking :(


    “Okay, we made a mistake. We misunderstood the information and we’re sorry for causing all this confusion:

    Technically, there was never a 1964 ½ MY. All production units for the 1965 MY were VIN coded for 1965, including the original production units. Any model year can have minor changes with each mid-model year production job update (I’m sure all of you knew this info already, LOL).

    I’m still on the edge of my seat along with you guys to see what’s in store and for when.

    I know this… 2014 MY production will begin in the first quarter of 2013 and all 2014 MY units will be 2014.


    p: 800.392.FORD
    t: @FordService @FordMustang @Ford
    f: facebook.com/FordMustang facebook.com/Ford “

  • sean says:

    All I know is Im getting a brand new 1967 Convertible Mustang Shelby look-a-like and i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!! Had the dam thing for 26 years and finally money to bring it to brand new!!! forget all those new mustangs cannt beat the vintage

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