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First 1,000 next-gen Mustangs to be limited edition 2014 1/2 models

By - July 18, 2013 – 8:45 am9 Comments | 25,353 views

Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Logo

Back in November a Ford social media representative on TheMustangSource.com forums posted that Ford would produce a limited number of 2014 ½ Mustangs to celebrate the car’s 50th anniversary. “The 2014 ½ will be the 50th Anniversary edition,” the representative stated. “It will be added to production for a limited run sometime during the year.” She later retracted the statement, saying,” Okay, we made a mistake. We misunderstood the information and we’re sorry for causing all this confusion.”

However, according to our inside sources at Ford, we can now confirm that a 2014½ Mustang is still in the works. Ford will build just 1,000 examples of the limited edition 2014 ½ model, which will be the first Mustang to be based on the next generation S550 platform. As the cars are sure to be instant collectors’ items (we fully expect the dreaded “market adjustment” prices from dealers), each one will come with a special VIN and build number. Those hoping for a high performance anniversary model will be disappointed, as the 2014 ½ Mustang won’t receive any additional upgrades compared to the standard 2015 model. Rumors suggest the 5.0L V8 will produce around 450 horsepower. Other differences compared to the 2015 model are unknown at this point.

For more on the 2015 Ford Mustang, from rumors to renderings to spy photos, visit our 2015 Ford Mustang hub.

Other recent Ford Mustang anniversary models:

2009 Ford Mustang 45th Anniversary2009 45th Anniversary Ford Mustang 

There wasn’t anything too special about this Mustang. Ford actually designated all standard Mustangs (no Bullitt, GT500, etc) models as anniversary models as production was cut short in preparation for the redesigned 2010 model year. The 2009 Mustang can be distinguished by a 45th anniversary badge on the front fenders.

2004 Ford Mustang GT 40th Anniversary2004 40th Anniversary Ford Mustang 

Built in both GT and V6 versions, the 40th anniversary Mustang came in Black, Oxford White or Crimson Red and featured Arizona Beige stripes, premium wheels, body-color fold-in mirrors, an interior upgrade package and 40th anniversary floor mats. It was an $895 upgrade option, with 5,700 being produced.

1999 Ford Mustang 35th Anniversary1999 35th Anniversary Ford Mustang 

The Ford Mustang arrived in 1999 with a new design, and less than 5,000 were limited edition anniversary models. Available only for the GT model, the special Mustangs came in White, Silver, Black and Performance Red and featured a hood scoop, a black hood stripe, side scoops, a raised rear spoiler and a honeycomb insert in the rear decklid.


  • jdmcomp says:

    Got to call BS on this one as the first Stangs were 65 models, never was a 64 1/2.

  • Twin Turbo says:

    Wow….this is now all over the internet! Nice one!

    I like this idea…..although I’ll admit I thought the ‘14.5 would be a run-out of the S197 as that’ll be having a longer model year run to see us up to the S550.

    I just really hope there isn’t too much dealer gouging, but I think that’s a given :(

  • Joseph Scott says:

    The 1965 model Mustangs would normally been released to the public for sale in the Fall (Sept. – Oct. of 1964), however, the first Mustang was released on April 17, 1964. Because of the early release these early 1965 models are commonly referred to as 1964 1/2 models. There are some minor differences in the early 1965 Mustangs like a generator vs. an alternator.

  • Dee says:

    will there be a 2014 1/2 convertible? how can I get one?

  • chris l says:

    just stopped in ford dealer near dc and asked about the 50 year anniversary mustang. they referred me to the “mustang expert” who apparently regularly talks to one of the in the know ford people(could just be BS) he said the release of the limited addition will only be a badge and sticker package with a signature from the ford president and will likely have a $15,000 mark up over standard 2015 stangs. the purported release is for 2015 production and not the rumored 2014.5. take this for what you want but im a little unhappy, if its true, that for such a special anniversary ford is not doing any special body or engine mods.

  • SDCalistang says:

    Jdmcomp…do yourself a favor next time before publish something you are unfamiliar with and check google. i.e.: go to google and put 1964 1/2 mustang in the search bar. If nothing comes up ill give my cell number so you can call me an idiot in person.

    Have a great day and happy learning…oh and one more thing, maybe stick with JDM.

  • Santos says:

    SDC they were designated as 65 mustangs by Ford,,,,ford never had a 64.5 mustang…..and if you want to get technical anniversary editions started IN 84,and went every five years til 2014…..why? the edition 50th edition should be the 14 if the 64.5 was the first mustang

  • Bob C says:

    Actually there was no anniversary edition in ’94. All other 5 year increments had an aniversary edition.

  • Dave says:

    I have the opportunity to purchase the 2014 Ford Mustang Limited Military edition. Only 50 were made and they are only being sold to deployed military members. I plan on selling it when i get back to the States and pick it up from the dealership. Is that a good investment since it is only sold to Military and only 50 are produced. This vehicle is #43 out of 50. The website is http://www.encs.com/warrior for details. Please let me know what you all think.

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