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This 2015 Mustang rendering is likely the most accurate yet

By - September 23, 2013 – 6:37 am30 Comments | 11,554 views

2015 Ford Mustang Rendering

With the publication of each spy photo we get a better idea of how the 2015 Ford Mustang will look when it makes its debut in a few months. Charles Cronley, or chazcron as he’s known on various Mustang message forums, has pieced those spy shots together to create this illustration and a 360 degree walkaround you see here.

While some of the exterior details are still unknown, this is likely the most accurate rendering of the next-generation Mustang anyone has created so far. And we can vouch for Charles’ accuracy. He used spy shots and JPG versions of three CAD files to render the 2005 Mustang before its debut, and he completely was spot-on. He even had it rapid-prototyped into a 3D model of the car.

Besides the spy photos, Charles has taken guidance from “a couple of people” who have seen the next generation Mustang in person who say there is no C-scoop or “hockey stick” on the side of the car. Insiders also indicate that Ford is “still toying with four or five hood scoops and several headlight assemblies.” At this point no one has indicated that anything is incorrect, but Charles concedes that the quarter window may need a little tweaking, and we’re eager to see how the taillights and rear valence will look.

Have a look a look at the 360 degree version below and tell us your thoughts in the comments section.


  • Twin Turbo says:

    Excellent work, Chaz! :cool:

  • EL SHELBY says:

    While I can appreciate the talent and effort to complete this rendering and find the form pleasing I’m afraid it looks like the result of a ceedy closet rendezvous between a Fusion and 370Z. Both of which are fine vehicles but do not make a Mustang. Let’s hope there still a few relevent details missing,like B-Pillars.

  • EL SHELBY says:

    Forward slant the angle of the C-pillar and it would have ’69 Fastback vibe.

  • IF Ford retains this specific design, especially the relatively truer Fastback look, I think that this new Mustang will be a stunner, as well as a Huge sales success for Ford. IMHO, this Mustang is as sleek as the 1969 Fastback ( Sportsroof ).

    Personally, I hope that the new ‘Stang is offered in Acapulco Blue, or a Blue which matches Subaru WR Blue Pearl.

  • PS

    In fact, this next generation Mustang looks so sleek and racy that some customers might be tempted to order their new ‘stangs in Race Red and replace the iconic galloping horse with a Cavallino Rampante ( “prancing horse” ) !

    I could even imagine Ford parking a Red 2015 Mustang near the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy and getting the worker’s reaction to it. And why not?, as rendered by Charles Cronley, this 2015 Mustang looks as good as an F12 Berlinetta.

  • OldBubba says:

    So it is a 2 door Fusion…..Okay, now design a damn “MUSTANG”!!!

  • Andreas says:

    Looks European but not U.S. Front is as the new Mondeo, middle section as recent big BMW-coupe’s (especially the roof contour),grille is Aston-Martin. There’s the Pony? Remains only as badge but is extincted apart from that.

  • Andreas says:

    Looks European but not U.S. Front is as the new Mondeo, grille is Aston-Martin, contour of roof is as newer BMW-coupe’s. There’s the Pony? Seems to be exticted apart from the badge….
    Exchangeable as assembled from different styles to meet everybodys taste.

  • Tony says:

    Urgh ! Fusion Coupe. Not in a milllion years :o(

  • a.n.onimous says:

    It’s ok,but still doesn’t shout “Mustang” to me.

  • Davidm0604 says:

    UGLY-guess my 2013 GT will be the last of the 6 Mustangs I have owned

  • Jhend says:

    mouth on it looks like those ugly deep water fish, the Groupers! lol

    YUCK!! Chargers kinda got that grill look too a little. GROUPER CITY!

  • sam says:

    looks like the rest of the ford stable. the rear end is still needing. when the mustang first came out there was nothing like it. so either pay it true homage a’la Kenny Brown 69 or turn it into an exotic 2 seater race hourse.

  • Me says:

    No complaints with the rendering – nice work, I suppose. But with regards to Ford’s product on the basis of the rendering: ugh. Especially the tail end. Man, that’s ugly. Does every Mustang from the 80’s forward absolutely have to be a pimply-faced teen’s car? Can it ever grow up? Why can’t America’s last non-government car company create something to compete with European and Japanese models? The early renders gave me high hopes – now they are fading quickly. Ford might do well to hire some of the cg modelers who have been speculating about the car and use them as designers. If some of the early renders, with more aggressive, fresh styling, had come to fruition, along with a set of performance capabilities taking the car out of the engine noise and drag-racing box, then such a car priced in from the 20s to the 40s (depending on trim) would have back-handed Porsches and BMWs right to the curb. Do American car companies always to bunt? How about a grand slam every once in a while?

  • JudgeWT says:

    Ford has been spot on with their styling lately, I don’t see why the Mustang would be any different. Can’t wait to have the covers pulled back on the real one!

  • Karen says:

    U-G-L-Y Deep water “GROUPER” Fishlike mouth on it!! YUCK!!

    Are you serious FORD?? This is the Best you can do??? Gosh I hope it don’t look like this!!

    If it does, new Camaro or new Vette, Here I Come…..and I’m a Ford person too. How sad! :(

  • Morgan says:

    Ive been pondering whether to get mustang, camaro, or challenger. Im over 6 feet tall and fit great in the challenger, but I feel its to heavy and the old 5 speed they use doesn’t help. If it wasnt for my neuromuscular disease I would get a stick. I really want a Mustang. I love the aftermarket products associated with them. Now, I’m afraid I won’t even fit in it comfortably.I barely fit well in my previous 07 GT500. Only thing I can do is wait like everyone else!

  • santos says:

    FIRE J Mays NOW

  • santos says:

    Looks like the 95 and the 99 had a retarded love child

  • DaveA says:

    Shades of Mustang II ?????? I cannot believe that is what all the hype is about. The new Fusion is cool and I currently like a lot of the Ford line up. This looks like a cross between the Fusion and Taurus but maybe thats what they think the Mustang should be. I have owned several Mustangs and currently have a 2005 in the stable with 35,000 original miles. Was kind of hoping to trade up to the 50 year anniversary. Never have owned a Chevy but I may have to look at the new Corvette coming out.

  • santos says:

    DaveA do you really want a Chevy? Take a look at all but the Camaro and Corvette and you could interchange the front end of any chevy and it would look exactly the same.

    I like the evolution from the 05 to the 14 models,the subtle changes made to improve the look from the 10 to the 14 especially. The original 65,built on the Falcon platform was not a look-a-like to the falcon. I am all for a re-design and the platform evolution….but not a fusion two door

    They could have evolved the 14 “look” and dropped the weight and size a bit. I hardly want a fusion 2 door. If you want a fusion 2 door Ford… build the fucking thing,don’t give me a fusion “styled” Mustang…..don’t need it or want it.

  • FRANCO says:

    I´m so sad… I¨ve been waiting the new Mustang for so long and you bring me this. OMG. and i just sell my 08 gt to get the new one!!! I think I got to get a 13 o 14 gt. I hope this is not the definitive design. I really hope so. I ´ve been a Mustang fan all my life, and Ford is dissapointing a lot of fans whit this design.

  • Jimmy T says:

    Hope it looks more like the Evos or Aston Martin Vanquish than what is presented here. This one is totally boring and not much different than the current model. If this is all they’re going to do, why bother? I’m hoping for something radical and new and almost exotic-looking. I always wonder why Detroit puts out these great looking “Concept” vehicles that the public adores and then so waters down those original styles for the production model that you just wonder who fell asleep at the design table.

  • Jim E says:

    If the 2015 looks anything like this, my 2013 GT will be the last new Mustang I buy. My 9th since 1972.

  • stephanie says:

    YIKES!…The front is HORRIBLE, The back is ok and the sides almost identical as the current model. So much for the complete redesign. I guess GM really redesigned the Corvette.

  • No worries. This isn’t it.

  • Kenkin says:

    What a rubbish!!!!!

  • daz says:

    No Shelby in Australia in 2015????? you just lost me……….

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